Show 440: All The Sounds Around You Seem To Have A New Meaning

Peter Stampfel – Hoodoo Bash
Dr. John – Walk On Gilded Splinters
Angelique Kidjo – Houses In Motion
Brian Eno – Golden Hours

Wolf People – Silbury Sands
Heron Oblivion – Oriar

Jefferson Airplane – The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil
My Morning Jacket – Gideon
Panda Bear – Comfy In Nautica
Gong – Pot Head Pixies

Tangerine Dream – Stratosfear
Material (with William S. Burroughs) – Seven Souls
Todd Rundgren – International Feel
The Congos – Fisherman
Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

Love – You Set The Scene
Spirit – Life Has Just Begun
Pink Floyd – Green Is The Colour
Nick Drake – Which Will

Skip Spence – Cripple Creek
Beck – Pay No Mind (Snoozer)
Bob Dylan – Million Dollar Bash

Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 – NY Doll

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Show 439: Hardly Floccinaucinihilipilificatin

That weekly freeform radio show filled with music that you tune into every Wednesday from 2-4pm (unless you are one of those busy “on demand” types and thus tune in via an archived stream) happens again this week.

Hank Harral – The D.J. Blues
Pink Slip Daddy – Signorini Signorita
The Brady Bunch – Drummer Man
Link Wray & His Wray Men – The Swag
Buck Owens – Rocks In My Head

Joe Houston – Dig It
Eunice Davis – Get Your Enjoys
Phil Flowers & The Flower Shop – Like A Rolling Stone
The Rudies – Night Train

Marissa Nadler – Solitude
Alice Cooper – Below Your Means
The Psyclone Rangers – Godzilla

Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer
Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto – Macleans Toothpaste
Odell Brown & The Organ-izers – Mellow Yellow

Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage -LPs
The Stick Men – Jampire
James Koichalka Superstar – Show Respect to Michael Jackson
Marsha Gee – The Peanut Duck
Jill Gibson – It’s Easy as 1,2,3

Iron Butterfly – Unconscious Power
Church Mice – College Psychology On Love
Beat Happening – Bewitched
Terry Adams & Marshall Allen – Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

The A-Bones – Squat With Me Baby
Marvin Rainwater – Boo Hoo
Alexander Lazio – Pigeon Serenade
The Heliocentrics + Malatu Astake – Addis Black Widow
The Rolling Stones – Child Of The Moon

The Frampton Brothers – She’s Reading All Wrong Fanzines (Again)
Game Theory – Inverness
Family – My Friend The Sun

Father John Misty – Things It Would Have Been Helpful to Know Before the Revolution

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Show 438: International Girls (again)

Two hours of girl group and female fronted band and solo sounds from practically every continent.No country will be visited twice as we crisscross genre and time.

Pop Tarts – Girlie Pop (Germany)
The Girls – Rocket For Girls (Greece)
Shocking Blue – The Butterfly and I (Netherlands)
Marcella Laiferova – Hush (Czechoslovakia)
Sodsai Chaangkij – Shake Baby Shake (Thailand)

Helen Love – Love; Kiss; Run: Sing; Shout; Jump! (Wales)
Twigs – Divulge (Norway)
The Jetliners – Summerwine (India)
Yma Sumac – La Molina (Peru)

Sarit Hadad – Mimi (Israel)
Maria Andersson – Lift Me Up (Sweden)

Natalia Lafourcade – Hasta La Raiz (Mexico)
Nneka – Book Of Job (Nigeria)
Phyllis Dillon – Don’t Sway Away (Jamaica)

Melenas – Ya No Me Importa (Spain)
Sophisticated Boom Boom – Yeah Yeah Yeah (Switzerland)
Isanka Y Sus Tropicanas – Extiendete (Venezuela)

Look Blue Go Purple – Grace (New Zealand)
Brunetta & Her Belubas – Baluba Shake (Italy)
Carnival Park – You Fancy (Philippines)
Letta Mbulu – Mahlalela (South Africa)
Les Amazones de Guineem – Samba (Guinea)

Aterciopeldos – Jugale, Apuestale (Columbia)
Ann Christine, Ulla Ja Tiina – Lilian Monta Palvaa (Finland)
Pussy Cat – Arret d’autobus (France)

Zsuzsa Koncz- Karesem A Szot (Hungary)
Rokia Traore – Dounia (Mali)
Emel Mathlouthi – Kaddesh (Tunisia)

Pridjevi – Ako Je (Croatia)
Bidston Moss – Silver Top Taxi (Australia)
Las Mosquitas – Tembleque (Argentina)
Chang Siao Ying – Come Back To Me (China)

The B-52’s – 52 Girls (USA)

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Show 437: Turn It Up!

Garage rock, rock & roll, three-chord wonders, snarl, rockabilly, snotty punk,/post-punk, glam stompers, art-damaged weirdos, phasing and fuzz, sludge, trash ,paisley, black, velvet and leather, feedback, beads, and safety-pins, drippy mascara, psych rock…obscurities & rarities, past and present, and assorted high energy grease.

The Masters Apprentices – Turn Up The Radio
Radio Birdman – TV Eye
13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me
Edgar Broughton Band – Apache Drop Out

Roy A. Loney – A Hundred Miles An Hour
Wreckless Eric – Whole Wide World
Scott Bedford Four – You Turned Your Back On Me
Ian McLagan – Little Troublemaker
Flamin’ Groovies – Yesterday’s Numbers

Dr. Feelgood – Lights Out
Billy Lee Riley – Flyin’ Saucers Rock ‘N’ Roll
Hasil Adkins – Teenie Weenie Waddy Kiss
The Cramps – Human Fly
Link Wray – Fatback

Pere Ubu – Final Solution
Ultravox! – Saturday Night In The City Of The Dead
Tubeway Army – Blue Eyes
The Reactions – Talk Talk Talk Talk

The Nomads – Night Time
The Only Ones – Lovers of Today
The Sid Presley Experience – Cold Turkey
Alice Cooper – Second Coming

The Pretty Things – Cold Stone
Robert Calvert – The Right Stuff
Blue Oyster Cult – ME 262

Nikki And The Corvettes – Criminal Element
John Du Cann – Throw Him In Jail
Girlschool – Emergency
Overnight Lows – Shut Up Looking At Me
Pale Lips – Doo Wah Diddy Shim Sham Shimmy (Bama Lama Loo)

The Nightmares – Baseball Altamont
The Sonics – Cinderella
The Original Sins – Kill The Buddha
The Saints – This Perfect Day

The Vertebrats – Left In The Dark

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Show 436: I Get Weird Dreams

Enter a dreamlike word where known and unknown platters of sound are known to mesh into a decadent mind melting cocktail for your afternoon enjoyment

Holgar Czukay – I Get Weird Dreams
Orions Belte – Am I Demon
Orchestre Tout Piussant Marcel Duchamp – Slide

Anna St. Louis – Plain & Sane & Simple Melody
Ted Lucas – It Is So Nice To Get Stoned
Kendra Smith – Stars Are In Your Eyes

Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass – The Lonely Bull
Kramer featuring Bill Frisell- Solitary Man

Liquid Liquid – Cavern
William Onyeabor – Ride On Baby
Chantage – Same Thing Twice
Joni Mitchell – The Jungle Line

Longstocking – Radio Agony
Mudhoney – When Tomorrow Hits
The Muslims – Walking With Jesus
The Fall – Loop’41 Houston
Roger Miller – Little Green Apples

Sun Ra Arkestra – Angels and Demons at Play

John Cale – Please
The Persuasions – Brokedown Palace

Anita Carter – Love’s Ring Of Fire
Anna Domino – Trust, In Love
My Magical Glowing Lens – Raio De Sol
Harvey Avenue – The Word
Eduardo Mateo – Cuerpo y Alma
The Rutles – Cheese and Onions

Giles, Giles and Fripp – Make It Today

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Show 435: Your Ear Hears It

A show filled with old and new music presented within the “underground/freeform radio” style. Genres can include (but not limited to): garage, folk & folk rock, power pop, prog rock, and also a wide selection of interesting and rare singer-songwriter, harmony pop, soft rock, lounge-rock, punk and glam rock, space jazz, avant-garde, vanity-pressings and “outsider” albums.

Listen Up!: Where the cool, the classic, the corny and even the cringe-worthy collide!

Genya Ravan – Flying
The Space Lady – Fly Like An Eagle
Petra Haden – I Can See For Miles
The Who – Someone’s Coming

Roxy Music – Both Ends Burning
St. Vincent – Pay Your Way In Pain
David Bowie – Win
Bree Sharp – David Duchovny

Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights
Blue Angel – I’m Gonna Be Strong
Piero Umiliani – To-Day’s Sound

John Cooper Clarke – I Don’t Wanna Be Nice
The Damned (with Lemmy) – Ballroom Blitz
The Wild Irish Roses – Fox On The Run

Josh Parish & Polly Jean Harvey – Is That All There Is?
Nash The Flash – 19th Nervous Breakdown
Okay Kaya – Psych Ward
Harry Dean Stanton – Help Me Make It Through The Night
13th Floor Elevators – I Had To Tell You

Pompeo Stillo & The Companions – He Was a Guitar Player and Now Plays Machinegun in Vietnam
Carol Kim – Tình Ta Như Lửa Đơm Hoa
Quintron – Underwater Dance Club

Carla Morrison – Pale Blue Eyes
The Velvet Underground – New Age
Anita Lane – Bella Ciao

Dick Hyman – Time Is Tight
Raunch Hands – Let Me Roll It
Andy Partridge – Bobba De Boop De Ba De Boobay
Peter Ivers – You Used To Be Stevie Wonder

The History Of Unheard Music – No, No, No, No, No!

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Show 434: Mexican Psych

The mind-bending sounds of Mexican psychedelic music.

Los Dug Dugs – Lost In My World
Polvo – Have You Ever Been There
Peace and Love – Tenemos El Poder

El Ritual – Mujer Facil – Prostituta
Ernan Roch con Las Voces Frescas – The Train

Nahuati – El Hongo
URSS Bajo El Arbol – Turista

Los Ovnis – Cuanado Era Nio
The Spiders – It’s You
Pajaro Alberto – Viaje Fantastico
Beans – Por Se Negro
La Vida – Touch Me
Renaissance – I’m Dying

La Revolución De Emiliano Zapata -En Medio La Lluvia
El Amor – We Need Love
Los Mundos – Insecto Nuclear

MAW – Sinestesia

Survival – The World Is A Bomb
Grupo Ciruela – Nada Nos Detendra
Kaleidoscope – A New Man
El Tarro De Mostaza – El Ruido Del Silencio

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – What’s Holding You?
La Fachada De Piedra – Roaming

Tajak – Blind Inside

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Show 433: The Key To Science (still is) Progressive Rock

Dusting off recordings that fall into the category of Prog Rock. Lots of windswept guitar histrionics, gushing keyboards, lyrics full of mystical allusions and song and album titles bearing no relation to the music and almost as long as the music itself!

Gong – Master Builder
OHO – Nocturnal Recurrence
Gentle Giant – Nothing At All

King Crimson – Red

Rush – Xanadu
Crack The Sky – Hold On

Strawbs – Hero and Heroine
Caravan – C’Thlu Thlu
Carmen – Fandangos In Space

Pink Floyd – Welcome To The Machine
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – From The Beginning
McDonald & Giles – Tomorrow’s People The Children Of Today

Genesis – The Return of The Giant Hogweed
Happy The Man – Stumpy Meets the Firecracker in Stencil Forest
FM – Phasors On Stun
Yes – Siberian Khatru

Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention – Inca Roads

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Show 432: Teetering Between

Let your mind interact with the music and make something beautiful and maybe even a little strange.

Amerigo Verardi- Maila Mantra
Kurt Vile – Snowflakes Are Dancing
Nils Lofgren – Keith Don’t Go (Ode To A Glimmer Twin)

Silver Synthetic – Chasm Killer
Neil Young – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Gene Clark – With Tomorrow
Teenage Fanclub – Gene Clark
National Lampoon – Old Maid (Southern California Brings Me Down)

Songs: Ohia – Farewell Transmission
Devendra Banhart – Franklin’s Tower

Frog Holler – Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
Karl Blau – Fallin’ Rain
The Black Canyon Gang – Lonesome City
Little Wings – Eyes WIthout A Face

Sanjay Mishra – Lullaby
Margo Guryan – Sunday Morning
Pearl Charles – What I Need

Michael Hurley – Hog Of The Forsaken
Bill MacKay and Nathan Bowles – Joy Ride
Peter Stampfel – Laura The Horse

Tim Heidecker – Fear Of Death
Garcia Peoples – One At A Time
Beechwood Sparks – By Your Side

Love – Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale

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Show 431: When The Everywhere-Eye

An irresponsibly mixed, mind melting freeform radio cocktail called Listen Up! happens again

10cc – Une Nuit a Paris
Gavin Bryars – After Mendelssohn
Brigitte Bardot – Contact

Jeff Simmons – I’m In The Music Business
Ty Seagal – St. Stephen
Amon Duul II – Archangel Thunderbird
Whatildo Archive Group – Last Train to Budapest

Ollie Hasall & John Halsey – Bum Love
The Paul Horn – Acapulco Gold
Funkadelic – Hit It Or Quit It
Quintin Crisp – Stop the Music For A Minute
Dickens – Don’t Talk About My Music
The Residents – We’re A Happy Family

Gong – Sold To The Highest Buddha
Eno/Byrne – The Jezebel Spirit
Yaphet Kotto – Have You Dug His Scene?

King Crimson – Starless
Angel Bat Dawid – What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black (Dr. Margaret Burroughs)
Ruth Copeland – Play With Fire

Roger Ruskin Spear – Doctor Rock

Neil Innes and Son – Cum On Feel Noize
Jay Wilbur And His Band – We’ll All Go Riding On A Rainbow
Os Brazoes – Feitico

Brian Eno and the Winkies – Baby’s On Fire
Baby Grande – Pure White and Deadly
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel – Ritz

Sparks – Slowboat

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