Show 003: The Freak Out! List – Playlist

On June 27, 1966 The Mothers Of Invention’s debut album Freak Out! was released. In the liner notes, Frank Zappa says: “These People Have Contributed Materially in Many Ways to Make Our Music What it is. Please Do Not Hold it Against them.” … followed by a long list of 179 names . These names include teachers, friends & acquaintances, painters, writers, movie stars, TV & radio personalities, producers, road managers, conductors, composers, singers, songwriters, musicians and more. This show , Listen Up! explored the music created by those rock, jazz, folk, blues and classical musicians and composers that are on the list. Needless to say, time did not permit a full investigation, but a fair sampling of music styles that influenced Zappa and The Mothers of Invention as well as selections from the album Freak Out! itself were celebrated.

Playlist (Artist -Title- Album)

Mothers Of Invention – Hungry Freaks, Daddy – Freak Out!

Pierre Boulez – Étude 1 – Les visiteurs de la musique concréte

Edgard Varèse – Dance For Burgess – Complete Works

Lightin’ Slim – I’m Evil – House Rockin’ & Hip Shakin’ (The Best Of Excello Blues)

Eric Dolphy – Gazzelloni – Out To Lunch

Anton Webern –  Six pieces for large orchestra Op. 6 – Six Pieces for Large Orchestra

Mothers Of Invention – Wowie Zowie – Freak Out!

Dan & Dewey – Koko Joe –  Jungle Hop

Vernon Green & The Medallions – The Letter –  Speedin’

Gene & Eunice – Move It Over – Jump Bump Jive

Mauricio Kagel – Ragtime Waltz for Accordion – Onbekend

Frankie Lee Sims –  What Will Lucy Do (Lucy Mae Blues) – The UK Sue Label Story Vol. 2

Mothers of Invention – Any Way The Wind Blows – Freak Out!

Alios Haba – Nonet no. 1 – Centenary Edition

Bobby Jameson –  Gotta Find My Roogalator – Single

Albert Collins – Thaw Out –  The Cool Sound of Albert Collins

Charles Brown – Black Night –  ABC of the Blues

Bill Evans – Oleo –  Everybody Digs Bill Evans

Roland Kirk – No Tonic Press – Rip, Rig And Panic

Silvestre Revueltas – El afilador, for wind septet – Sensemaya

Mothers  Of Invention – Trouble Every Day – Freak Out!

The Leaves – Hey Joe – Nuggets

Molly Bee – You Win Again –  Swinging Country

Little Arthur Matthews – Bad Bad Bulldog – Dapper Cats, Groovy Tunes & Hot Guitars

Slim Harpo – Buzzin’ – The Excello Singles Anthology

Guitar Slim – Story of My Life –  Sufferin’ Mind

Bülent Arel – Postlude From ‘Music For A Sacred Service’ – Princeton Electronic Music Center 1961-1973

Mothers Of Invention – Help I’m A Rock – Freak Out!

Sabicas – Alegrias – Noches con Guitarra Flamenca

Joe Houston –  All Night Long – The Birth of R’n’B Vol.1

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown – Okie Dokie Stomp – ABC of the Blues

Richard Berry – Louie Louie –  You Heard it Here First

Edgar Varèse – Ionisation – Arcana, Amériques, Ionisation

Mothers of Invention – Motherly Love – Freak Out!

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