This ain’t no Pandora, this ain’t no Grooveshark…no Spotify, this ain’t no foolin’ around!

Over in the right hand column, you will see a list under the “Sites and Sounds” headline.  The list contains a number of radio stations and radio shows.  All of the  shows listed are programmed and hosted by REAL people.  Real Radio is not a  jukebox driven by a computer algorithm with no personality.

They are REAL people who care and love the music they are sharing and not a single one of them is deliberately trying  to ensnare your soul by deciphering  you into some kind of marketing demographic, so that you may be more handily squeezed.  Consider that when making your listening choices.

If you know of any shows/stations not listed, share them here. Your input is welcome.

Look for a more detailed editorial on this topic coming soon.

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