Radio Unnameable

Radio Unnameable Documentary Trailer from Lost Footage Films on Vimeo.

In 1963, one man radically transformed the FM dial.  RADIO UNNAMEABLE tells the story of the groundbreaking New York disc jockey Bob Fass and his innovative use of the airwaves to inform, entertain and encourage dialogue amongst listeners.  His program is entirely free form, there’s no telling what might happen next.  It is a place to hear great music, conversations with artists and activists, audio experiments, and where the average listener can discuss local and international issues, from problems with landlords in the Bronx to the war in Afghanistan.  Bob Fass is still on the air today, approaching 50 years behind the microphone, and he remains as vital and current as ever.

Radio Unnameable’s orbit of listeners are active participants and a key component to the program.  Bob Fass’s goal was to create a participatory democracy on the air, utilizing this community as an organizing tool, working with listeners to stage protests and events, such as the 1967 “Sweep-In” where listeners gathered to clean up a Lower East Side block during a garbage strike.  He has talked callers down from bad trips and even averted a suicide attempt.  Parallels can be drawn to today’s innovations such as Facebook, Twitter, flash mobs, etc..  The listeners were “citizen reporters” and on Radio Unnameable, every voice is heard.

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