Show 024: Embryonic Journeys – Playlist and Archived Stream

This Monday’s Listen Up! show will feature demo’s of songs, “lost” and unreleased tunes and recordings from early lineups of bands before they became “known”.

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Playlist (Artist -Title – Year of song) 

Opening Theme

Man or Astroman?  –  Maximum Radiation Level  – Experiment Zero – 1996

Background Music

The Space Negros Do Generic Ethnic Muzak Versions of All Your Favorite Punk/Psychedelic Songs From the Sixties

Davey Jones & The King Bees – Liza Jane – 1964
David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust (demo) – 1971
David Bowie/Iggy Pop – Lust For Life (demo) -1977

The Ravens – I Believed You -1963
Ray Davies – I Go To Sleep – 1965
The Beatles – Dear Prudence (DEMO) -1968
The Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps (demo) -1968
Icewater – Sunshine –  197?

The Mynah Birds – It’s My Time – 1965
Arthur Lee and the L.A.Gs – Rumble Still Skins – 1963
The Byrds – Stranger in A Strange Land -1965
Blackburn and Snow – Stranger in a Strange Land -1965

Moving Sidewalks – 99th Floor – 1967
Stalk-Forrest Group – Arthur Comics – 1970
Stalk- Forrest Group – Curse of The Hidden MIrrors -1970
The Spiders – Don’t Blow Your Mind – 1965
Alice Cooper – Reflected – 1969

Giles, Giles & Fripp – Thursday Morning – 1968
Gilles, Giles & Fripp – I Talk With The Wind (With Judy Dyble) -1968
Mabel Greer’s Toyshop – Beyond and Before – 1968

Brian Eno & The Winkies – I’ll Come Running – 1974
Brian Eno & The Winkies – Baby’s on Fire -1974

The Primitives – The Ostrich -1964
The Beachnuts – Cycle Annie -1964
Lou Reed – Perfect Day (demo) -1972

Andy Partridge – All I Dream of Is A Friend -1995
The Dukes of Stratosphere – What In The World? (demo) – 1985
The Helium Kidz – Adrenaline  -1976
The Beach Boys – I Guess I’m Dumb – 1965

Glen Campbell – I Guess I’m Dumb -1965

Click on the Mixcloud button to hear the archived stream.

Shows can also be downloaded for a limited time here.

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