Show 029: That’s Irritainment – Playlist and Archived Stream


It is New Year’s Eve.  No countdowns or best of lists on this show. It is time to embrace the truly odd and celebrate the outsider with That’s Irritainment! Hear a host of Song Poems, Thrift store record finds, trash picked instructional LP’s, exotic sounds, incredibly strange music, and other cool, strange and often unusual audio selections.

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Playlist (Artist -Title)

Opening Theme

Man or Astroman? – Maximum Radiation Level

Background Music

Sound 8 : Background Music For Your Personal Movies

Del Close & John Brent – Introduction –
Norman Burns & His Singers – Human Breakdown of Absuridity
Gene Marshall – Shake Your Good Stuff
Rodd Keith – Little Rug Bug
Gene Marshall – All You Need Is A Fertile Mind

Justice League of America – Metamorpho The Element Man
Langley Schools Music Project – Space Oddity
Space Lady – I Had Too Much To Dream
The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band – Roundabout
Nirvana Star – The Letter

Eddie Osbourne – Kitten On The Keys
Hot Butter – Skokian
Dave Harris – Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals
John Rydgren – A Beautiful Girl/ Music To Watch Girls By
Dean Elliot – Lonesome Road

The New Creation – Where Are You Going?
The Shaggs – My Pal Foot Foot
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Standing In A Trash Can (Thinking About You)
James “Rebel” O’ Leary – South Bound 81

Van Morrison – Freaky If You Got This Far
Van Morrison – Want A Danish
Van Morrison – The Big Royalty Check

Sonny Bono – Pammies on a Bummer

Buck Ritchie – The Slave
Duggie Ward – Welcome To My World
Kit Ream – Introuniveral Jam/Don’t Be So Holy Poly Over My Souly

Heino – Caramba, Caracho, ein Whiskey
Red Shadow (The Economics Rock & Roll Band) – Understanding Marx
Jean Jacques Perrey – Gossipo Perpetuo
Katie Lee – Will To Fail

Norman Paris Quintet & Orchestra with the David Carter Singers – Happy Plastics Family
American Standards – My Bathroom Is A Private Kind Of Place
Wink Martindale – To Remember Me By (The Bed of Life)

Rudy Burkhalter – Cheesday In Monroe
The Utica Club Natural Carbonation Band – Utica Club
George Fishoff Comples – Ping Pong

George Harrison – Ding Dong, Ding Dong

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