Show 044: This Show Has No Name Yet


The show may have no “title” yet, but the music of Scott Miller who passed away last week will be revisited. Scott passed away last week and was the man behind the bands Game Theory and Loud Family. In addition that that, expect some new music from Martin Gordon (Radio Stars, Jet, and Sparks) and the Philadelphia area based band,The GTVs  as well as a host of other swell sounds new and old to pull it all together.  The trip streams live from 2-4pm

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Playlist (Artist -Title – Album – Year Of Song Release )

Opening Theme

Man or Astroman? – Maximum Radiation Level – 1996

Background Music

weakFingers – The Chumley Sessions

Bryan Ferry – The “In” Crowd – Another Place, Another Time – 1974
Jet – Cover Girl – Jet – 1975
Sparks – Talent Is An Asset – Kimono My House – 1974

Martin Gordon – Include Me Out – Include Me Out – 2013
Martin Gordon – Nobody Went To The Moon – – Include Me Out – 2013
The Bonzo Dog Band – Give Booze A Chance – Anthropology – 1969

George Harrison – Doing The Bonzo Dog – Rarities – 1999

The Bonzo Dog Band – Humanoid Boogie – The Doughnut in Granny’s Greenhouse -1968

Game Theory – The Red Baron – Distortion – 1984
Game Theory – 24 – Real Nightmare – 1985
Game Theory – Regenisraen – The Big Shot Chronicles -1986
Game Theory – We Love You, Carol and Alison – Lolita Nation -1987

Game Theory – Room For One More, Honey – 2 Steps From The Middle Ages – 1988
The Loud Family – Soul Drain – The Tape Of Only Linda – 1994
The Loud Family – Inverness -Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things – 1993

The Small Faces – Tin Soldier – There Are But Four Small Faces – 1967
Brain Auger & The Trinity – Tiger – Highlights Of Brian Auger & The Trinity
The GTV’s – Mind The Gap – 2013
The Creeps – Now Dig This! – Now Dig This! -1988
The In-Crowd – Blow Up – Psych Out! – 1966

The Rockin’ Vickers – It’s Alright – The Complete: It’s Alright! -1966
The Manish Boys – Take My Tip – Take My Tip – 25 British Mod Artefacts From The EMI Vaults – 1965
The Artwoods – I Take What I Want – The In Crowd – UK Mod R&B Beat 1964-1967 -1966
John’s Children – Smashed Blocked – Smashed Blocked! -1967
L.J. Reynolds & The Chocolate Syrup – The Penguin Breakdown – Get Funky -1971
The Yardbirds – Stroll On – Blow-Up (The Original Sound Track Album) -1966
The Enchantments – I’m In Love With Your Daughter – 1965

Neils Children – Edward The Confessor – Dimly Lit – 2013
Colour – Jellyfish – The Chronological Happenings – 2010
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – The Faith Healer – 1973

Spooky Tooth – Feelin’ Bad -Spooky Two -1969

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Shows can also be downloaded for a limited time here.


(from Sue Trowbridge, webmaster, 1995-present)

Download Game Theory Albums 

I have made Distortion of GloryReal NighttimeThe Big Shot ChroniclesLolita Nation2 Steps From the Middle Ages and Tinker to Evers to Chance available for FREE download at If you have any problems downloading them, please contact me at info125 (at) I’ve upgraded our account, but if the traffic gets too heavy, the files may be temporarily inaccessible.

—> OK, we hit our bandwidth limit, and have put them in this new location. Try it if the one above is not working.

Additional links here, with many thanks to James from The Lost Turntable.
2 Steps From the Middle Ages
Lolita Nation

The Big Shot Chronicles
Real Nighttime
Distortion of Glory
Tinker to Evers to Chance

And here, from Chris N.:

My main goal is to prevent people from trying to capitalize by selling these long out of print albums for lots of money. I want everybody who would like to hear these albums to be able to do so without paying outrageous prices.

Most of the Loud Family catalog can be streamed free of charge on Spotify and other streaming music services.

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