Show 154: Prog Rock Explorations – Playlist and Archived Stream


This week on Listen Up! Watch the skies at the gates of delirium with warriors on the edge of time, It is a solar musick suite filled with lots of windswept guitar histrionics, gushing keyboards, lyrics full of mystical allusions and song and album titles bearing no relation to the music and almost as long as the music itself! It is a prog rock exploration of sorts.

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Playlist (Artist -Title- Album – Year of song)

Opening Theme

Man or Astroman? – Maximum Radiation Level – Experiment Zero – 1996

Gong – What Do You Want? – Continental Circus – 1971
King Crimson – The Creator Has A Master Plan Including Improv: Summit & Something Else – Live at Summit Studios: Denver, 03/12/1972 – 1972

Yes – Gates of Delirium – Relayer – 1974
Jean-Luc Ponty – Mirage – Enigmatic Ocean – 1977
Be Bop Deluxe – Crying To The Sky – Sunburst Finish – 1976

Genesis – Watcher Of The Skies – Foxtrot – 1972
Steve Hillage – Solar Musick Suite – Fish Rising – 1975

Hawkwind – Magnu – Warrior On The Edge Of Time – 1975
Electric Sandwich – China -Electric Sandwich – 1972

Barclay James Harvest – The World Goes On – Octoberon – 1976

Closing Theme

Silly Pillows – Groovy Tune – New Affections  – 1997

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