Show 191: The Paisley Underground – Playlist and Archived Stream


This week on Listen Up!, we focus on the sounds associated with the “Paisley Underground” and the surrounding scene of Southern California/L.A and Sacramento/Davis during the 1980’s.
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Playlist (Artist -Title- Album – Year of song)

Opening Theme

Man or Astroman? – Maximum Radiation Level – Experiment Zero – 1996

Prince – Paisley Park-Around The World In A Day – 1985
15 Minutes – That’s What You Always Say-Various: Only 39,999,999 Behind “Thriller” – Down There Records 1981-1988 – 1981
Rain Parade – Kaleidoscope –Emergency Third Rail Power Trip – 1983
The Three O’Clock – Mrs. Green –Arrive Without Travelling – 1985
Game Theory – Girl With A Guitar –Big Shot Chronicles (Reissue) -1986

The Long Ryders – Ivory Tower- Native Sons – 1984
The Prime Movers – Museum –Museum –1984
The Things – Outside My Window –Outside My Window – 1986
The Last – December Song –Painting Smiles On A Dead Man – 1983

The Bangs – Call On Me-Getting Out Of Hand/Call On Me -1981
Wednesday Week – You Wanted To Hang Around – Various: The Girls Can’t Help It – A Modern Girl Group Compilation ‎-1984
The Plimsouls – Inch By Inch –Everywhere At Once – 1983
Broken Homes – Yes, It’s All Over Now-Broken Homes – 1986
28th Day – Where The Bears Sing –28th Day – 1985

Dream Syndicate – Still Holding On To You-Medicine Show-1984
The Leaving Train – Leaving Train –Well Down Blue Highway – 1984
Thin White Rope – Thing –Moonhead – 1987
The Gun Club -Carry Home -Miami -1982

Danny & Dusty – Bend In The Road – Lost Weekend-1985
True West – Hollywood Holiday –Hollywood Holiday -1983
Pontiac Brothers – She Knows It –Fiesta En La Biblioteca – 1986
Green On Red – A Tragedy-Various: Only 39,999,999 Behind “Thriller” – Down There Records 1981-1988 – 1982

Opal – Empty Box Blues – Early Recordings – 1985
Eyes of Mind – Dream Life –Tales Of The Turquoise Umbrella – 1984
Alternate Learning – Another Wasted Afternoon- Blaze of Glory (Game Theory Reissue)-1982

The Pandoras – I Live My Life –It’s About Time – 1984
The Bangles – He’s Got A Secret –All Over the Place – 1984
The Salvation Army – While You Were In Your Room Talking To Your Wall-The Salvation Army – 1982

Closing Theme

Silly Pillows – Groovy Tune – New Affections  – 1997


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