Show 195: A Real Gone Time! – Playlist and Archived Stream


It is revved-up rock and roll for anyone with a taste for the crazed. Twisted and trashy rockabilly, surf, garage, R&B, soul, lip curling rock n roll, strange exotica, dysfunctional doo-wop, psychedelic weirdness and instrumentals made by madmen. It is weird and it is downright wonderful.

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Playlist (Artist -Title)
Opening Theme
Man or Astroman? – Maximum Radiation Level

Red Hewitt and The Buccaneerse – DJ Blues
The Premiers – Firewater
Bob and Jerry – Ghost Satellite
Ersal Hickey – Hangin’ Around
Buddy Starr And The Starliners – Hold It
Tielman Brothers – Marabunta

Gary & Larry – Garlic Bread
The One Way Streets – We All Love Peanut Butter
Andre Williams – The Greasy Chicken
Julie London – Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

Stacy Bengal & His Six Outfielders – I Come To Demolish Cleveland
The Frantics – Jack-Knife
Ron Thompson – Switchblade
Boss-tones – Mope-itty Moope
The Sparkles – The Hip
Arthur Lyman – Taboo

Danny Dell & The Trend – Froggy
Slim Harpo – Strange Love
Porter Waggoner – Rubber Room

Jimmy Hanna – Leaving Here
Senor Soul – The Mouse
Jay Jay Imus and Freddy Ford – The Boogalo
The Enchanters – Cafe Bohemian
Manny Corchado – Pow Wow

Charlie Feathers – That Certain Female
The Teen Rockers – Road Block
The Strikes – If You Can’t Rock Me
The Duals – Travelin’ Guitars
Thee Midniters – Jump Jive And Harmonize
Wayne Williams – Red Hot Mama

Wes Dakus – Dog Food
Link Wray and The Raymen – The Fuzz
Ronnie Self – Bop-A-Lena
Billy Lee Riley – Flying Saucer Rock N Roll
Baskerville Hounds – Space Rock Part 2
Rick McGuire – Space Craze

American Teens – Shake Shake Baby
Jan Davis – Time Funnel
Joe Clay – Did You Mean Jellybean

Closing Theme
Silly Pillows – Groovy Tune

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