Show 242: Interplanetary Dissolve – Playlist & Archived Stream


Psychedelic sounds with music from a variety of eras and sources make up this week’s afternoon audio treat.

Listen Up!: Where the cool, the classic, the corny and even the cringe-worthy collide.

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Playlist (Artist -Title –Album- Year of song)
Opening Theme
Man or Astroman? – Maximum Radiation Level –  Experiment Zero – 1996

Morgan Delt – Some Sunsick Day –Phase Zero-2016
Cardinal – Kal-Hymns – 2012
Kurt Vile – Goldtone –Wakin On A Pretty Daze-2013

Rodd Keith – I Dreamed I Woke Up Too Late -I Died Today-1969

McCoy Tyner (with Marc Ribot) – Passion Dance – Guitars – 2008
Grateful Dead – Dark Star –Live Dead -1969

The Residents – The Stars and Stripes Forever –Stars and Hank Forever-1986
Crystalized Movements – This Dimming Today-Revelations From Pandemonium – 1995
Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra – Love In Outer Space –Secrets Of The Sun – 1962

Bubble Puppy – A Gathering Of Promises –A Gathering of Promises-1968
Meg Baird – Counterfeiters –Don’t Weigh Down the Light-2015
J. Mascis – Very Nervous And Love –Several Shades Of Why-2011
Steve Gunn – Milly’s Garden –Way Out Weather -2014

Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers – Is Yours Is Mine –Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers – 1967
The Scene Is Now – Astro-Girl –  Various: Yeti Two – 198?
Yo La Tengo – I Feel Like Going Home –I Am Not Afraid of You, And I Will Beat Your Ass-2007
Moondog – Lament I, “Bird’s Lament” –Moondog -1969
The Langley Schools Music Project – Wildfire –Innocence and Despair-1977
The Velvet Underground – I Love You –Peel Slowly And See -1970

Mark Lanegan – You OnlyLive Twice-Imitations-2013

Closing Theme

Silly Pillows – Groovy Tune  –New Affections  – 1997

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