Show 290: Wednesday Delivery – Playlist

Due to technical issues, an archived stream of this program is not available.

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Playlist (Artist -Title –Album – Year of song)
Opening Theme
Man or Astroman? – Maximum Radiation Level – Experiment Zero – 1996

Plush – Fed
The Pixies – Hey
Al Green – Light My Fire
Jeff Buckley – Everybody Here Wants You

Rufus Harley – Bagpipe Blues

Ultravox! – My Sex
Roxy Music – In Every Dream Home A Heartache
Radiohead – Exit Music (for a film)

Fleetwood Mac – Woman of a 1000 Years
Fleetwood Mac – Although The Sun Is Shining
Fleetwood Mac – Dust

Peter Grudziien – Kentucky Brandy
R. Stevie Moore – I Love You So Much It Hurts
Kevin Ayers – Whate’rshebringswesing

Robert Calvert – The Right Stuff
Opal – Siamese Trap

Half Japanese – US Teens are Spoiled Bums
Butthole Surfers – They Came In
Velvet Monkeys – Any Day Now

Bongwater – Free Love Messes Up My Life
Abby Travis – Now Was

Danielle Dax – Brimstone In A Barren Land
Byrds – Everybody Has Been Burned

John Lennon – Isolation

Silly Pillows – Groovy Tune – New Affections  – 1997



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