Show 326: Garage, Glam Gunk Goo – Playlist and Archived Stream

Expect a mutant rock ‘n’ roll stew filled with garage, glam gunk goo. Tune in the Wed afternoon from 2-4 pm est on 92.9fm WGGT and streaming online from G-town Radio

Lulu – Watch That Man
Ume – Suffragette City
Anni-Frid Lyngstad – Liv pa Mars

Roy Owen’s Moon – Hey Sweety
Creem Circus – Rock and Roll Decree
Guida – Here Comes Saturday Night
Mott The Hoople – Whizz Kid

The Horde – Gloria
The Misanthropes – Why Do You Treat Me So Bad
The Seeds – Out Of The Question
The Original Sins – Get Into It
The Original Dukes – Ain’t About To Lose My Cool
RunHideFight – He’s a Jerk
Thee Milkshakes – She Tells Me She Loves Me
Beaver and the Trappers – Happiness is Havin’

Readymades – Terry Is A Spacecadet
Be-Bop Deluxe – Night Creatures
Baby Grande – Zepher

Suzy & Los Quattro – Fox On The Run
The Raspberries – Play On
Piper – Can’t Wait
Crabby Appleton – Go Back
Stevie Wright – Hard Road

Half Japanese – Tell Me I’m Wrong
Buzzcocks – What Do I Get?
The Cramps – What’s Behind The Mask

The Vibrators – Sweet Sweet Heart
The Vapors – Waiting For The Weekend
Dirty Looks – Let Go

The Monkees – Long Title: Do I Have To Do It All Over Again
Jeannie, Jim, Tom, Bill – Silly Whim
Peter Hollsapple – 96 sec blowout
Flamin Groovies – Sweet Roll Me On Down

Pale Lips – Some Sort Of Rock and Roll

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