Show 341: They Got A Riot Of Their Own -Playlist and Archived Stream



They got a riot of their own. Two solid hours of the first generation of female rock bands. Lots of sixties garage and axe-centric she-pop

Sugar & The Spices – Boys Can Be Mean
Goldie and The Gingerbread – Please Please
The Beas – International Girl
The Chicks – The Rebel Kind
The Liverbirds – Peanut Butter

The Pleetas- The Wind Blows Hard
They Chymes – Quite A Reputation
The Fatimas – Hoochy Coo
The Mama Cats – Miss You
The She’s – The Fool

The What Four – I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy
Sunday and The Menn – You Cheated
The Bittersweets – Hurtin’ Kind
The Continental Co-ets – I Don’t Love You Know More

The Plommons – Last Train To Liverpool
Les Beatlettes – Reste Encore
The Fondettes – The Beatles Are In Town
The Bootles – I’ll Let You Hold My Hand
Lara And The Trailers – Run For Your Life

The Belles – Melvin
The Clinger Sisters – Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight
The Pleasure Seekers – What A Way To Die
She Trinity – Climb That Tree
The Feminine Complex – I’ve Been Workin’ On You
Colette & The Bandits – A Ladies Man
The Intricate Blend – Insane (The Jungle)

Tomboy – I’d Rather Fight Than Switch
The Whyte Boots – Nightmare
The Ruby Rats – Ruby Soul
The Shaggs – That Little Sports Car

Die Crazy Girls – Hey Hey Ha Ha
SHE – Outta Reach
The Ace of Cups – Stones
The Starlets – You Don’t Love Me

The Uncalled Four – Come On Home
The Angels – Get Away From Me
Dara Puspita – Pip Pip Yeah
The Beat Chics – Skinny Minnie
The Lady Bugs – Fraternity USA

The Sanshers – Gonna Git That Man

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