70’s AM Mold Returns! It will be dippily cheerful and potentially maudlin. Potential sounds include: rock, bubblegum and mellow pop, soul, post-psychedelic pop, country-rock and euro-pop, glam, folk-rock, funky disco and even some concise and catchy, hard rock. Songs from the 70’s from small records with big holes. Some hits and some not so hits.

Warning: Cringeworthy potential is high.


Gilbert O’Sullivan – Get Down
The Disco Bros – Let’s Go To The Disco
Chase – Get It On
Exile – Kiss You All Over

Brighter Side of Darkness- Love Jones
Curtis Mayfield Kung Fu
Humble Pie – Hot N Nasty

Merry Clayton – Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow
Tanya Tucker – Blood Red and Goin’ Down

Chi Coltrane – Thunder and Lightening
Salt and Pepper- Alison Took Me Away
Sailcat – Motorcycle Mama
Jim Stafford – I Got Stoned and I Missed It

Billie Jo Spears – Blanket On The Ground
Bobbie Gentry – But I Can’t Get Back
Jake – And In The Morning

The Village Sound – Hey Jack (Don’t Hijack My Plane)
Albert Hammond – I Don’t To Die In An Air Disaster
Susan Raye – LA International Airport
Sammy Johns – Chevy Van

John Culliton Mahoney – Ballad Of Evil Knievel
John Dawson Read – A Friend OF Mine Is Going Blind
David Geddes – The Last Game Of The Season

Pilot – Magic
Sweet – Love Is Like Oxygen
KISS – Kissin; Time
April Wine – You Could Have Been A Lady

Olivia Newton-John – I Honestly Love You
Gary Wright – Love Is Alive
Andy Kim – Rock Me Gently

Jerry Reed – East Bound and Down


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