Show 371: The Revolution Will Be Reissued 2019

listenup371aThe Revolution Will Be Reissued – Fave reissues of 2019. Hear selections from reissues, compilations, live albums, lost recordings, expanded releases and more. Enjoy world beat, Jazz, glam and hard rock obscurities, garage and psych pebbles, freak folk from yesteryear and lost in the cracks and buried alive sounds of all genres.

Shellac – End of Radio –The End of Radio
Executive Slacks – Thirty Years – – Various: Third Noise Principle (Formative North American Electronica 1975-1984)
Mort Garson – You Don’t Have To Walk A Begonia -Mother Earth’s Plantasia

Rupa – Aaj Shanibar – Disco Jazz

The Latin Blues Band – Take A Trip – – Various:Fania Goes Psychedelic
June Tyson – Never Never Land – Saturnian Queen of the Sun Ra Arkestra
Lady Grace Atim – Adoko Gwok — Various: Electro Acholi Kaboom from Northern Uganda

Gene Clark – Lady Of The North (Version 2) – No Other (Deluxe Edition)
Jim Sullivan – What To Tell Her – If The Evening Were Dawn
Richmond – Candy Dora – – Various:Strangers In The Room A Journey Through British Folk-Rock (1967-1973)
The Beatles – Goodbye (Home Demo) –Abbey Road (Super Deluxe Edition)

Cheap Trick – The House is Rockin’ (With Domestic Problems) – Are You Ready? Live 12/31/1979
Milk ‘n’ Cookies – Wok ‘n’ Roll — Various:All The Young Droogs
Overdrive – On The Run — Various: Jobcentre Rejects: Ultra Rare NWOBHM 1978-1982 
The Human Beasts– Brunch With The Midnight Butterfly — Various:I’m a Freak 2 Baby (A Further Journey Through the British Heavy Psych & Hard Rock Underground Scene: 1968-73)

Sounds of Liberation – Sweet Evil Mist (Rib Crib) –Unreleased (Columbia University 1973)

 The Shapes– (I Saw) Batman (In the Launderette)- Various:Optimism/Reject
The Yummy Fur – Department- Piggy Wings
The Other Side – It’ll Come Easy- Various:Pacific Northwest Fuzz Box
The Sot Weed Factor – Say It Isn’t So- Various: Poppies: Assorted Finery From The First Psychedelic Age

Dur-Dur Band – Daradaa Muxibo – Various: Mogadisco: Dancing Mogadishu (Somalia 1972-1991)
Patrick Cowley – Right Here, Right Now-Mechanical fantasy box
Arthur Russell – You Did It yourself –Iowa Dream

Emerson – Sending All My Love Out – If You Need Me, Call Me

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