Show 381: Make The Music Pretty

Escape to an alternative universe that is reality free filled with incredibly strange and offbeat music. You will hear Thriftstore disco, moog madness, zany obscuro 45’s that defy genre,corporate sales training musical numbers, easy and cheesy listening, bizarre childrens songs about hot dogs, song poems and other audio oddities. Music scoured from thrift stores, run down record shops, yard sale trash bins, discarded boxes on the side of the road, and even the internet.

The Soundwalk Sound – Make The Music Pretty
Optiganally Yours – Pirates and Monkeys
Alisa – I Love An Ape
Richard Hayman – The Peanut Vendor

Laurie Marshall – The Disco Spaceship
Rosebud – Have A Cigar
Ralph Lowe – Disco Dancer, You’re The Answer

Westinghouse – Three Days in Eight Minutes (’79 Fever)

101 Strings Orchestra w/Joe Adams – Wonderful Seasons Of Love
The Space Lady – I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
Doopees – Doopee Time
Yma Sumac – Birds/Enchantment

Antigonish Legion Pipe Band – Jesus Christ Superstar
Al Shade and Jean Romaine – Three Mile Island
The Shaggs – Sweet Marie

Attila – California Flash
Cindy and Bert – Der Hund Von Baskerville
James Last – Immigrant Song
Karal Gott – Schwarz Und Rot

Hap Palmer – Funky Penguin
Lawrence Welk – The Polka Lesson
Myron Floren – Disco Accordion

Dick “Two Ton” Baker – I’m A LIttle Weenie
Van Morrison – Ring Worm

Rodd Keith – Hippy Happy Land
Jean Jacques Perrey – Porcupine Rock
Michael Nyman- Bird List Song
Jah Wurzel – Wuthering Heights

Leila and The Snakes – Rock and Roll Weirdos
Joey Welz- Midnight Cruiser
Lost Dimension – Purple Haze

John Bult – Julie’s 16th Birthday

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