Show 385: Journey Without Maps

listenup385Sounds for you to make your life indoors even more interesting.

The Dead Milkmen – Bleach Boys
Poli Styrene Jass Band – Drano In Your Veins
Plasticland – Non-Stop Kitchen

Magic Bus – Easy Om
Game Theory – My Free Ride
Nazz – Forget All About It
The Moons – Jennifer (Sits Alone)
The Hollies – Maker

The Hanging Stars – I Woke Up In July
Buffalo Springfield – Expecting To Fly
Gospelbeach – Dark Angel

The Beau Brummels – Deep Water
Michael Nesmith – Harmony Constant
Pacific Range – Heartbeat Of Change
Long Ryders – A Stitch In Time

Psychic TV – Good Vibrations
Odessey & Oracle – Chercher Maman
Marie Laforet – Mon Amour, Mon Ami
The Small Faces – I’m Only Dreaming
Paul Weller – Clues

Cardinal – You’ve Lost Me There
Love – Walk Right In
13th Floor Elevators – I Had To Tell You

Matthews Southern Comfort – To Love
Kacy & Clayton – Just Like A Summer Cloud

Espers – Flaming Telepaths
Emma Tricca – Sunday Reverie
RiverChild – Someday We’l Be Gone

Roger Miller – Oo-De-Lally

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