Show 393: And What Exactly Is A Dream?


Floating down the sound resounds so press your feet to the ground and wave your arms in the air.

Robyn Hitchcock – 1974
Opal – If The Sun Don’t Shine (Adaption of Jugband Blues)
Damien Youth – Morning Cloak Sunfield Floating Stage Fright
David Bowie – After All

The Chills – This Is The Way
Tall Dwarfs – The Slide

The Dukes of Stratosphear – Bike Ride To The Moon
Vibrasonic – Kingsley J.

Balduin – Waves, Stars & Moon
The Shins – Weird Divide
Kevin Ayers – The Clarietta Rag
Octopus Syng – Thought Collector

Marmoset – A Prayer for Elaine
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – My Man Syd
Syd Barrett – Octopus

The Cleaners From Venus – Song For Syd Barrett
The Flaming Lips – The Ceiling Is Bendin’
Dogbowl – Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain
Kramer – Got What I Deserved
Daevid Allen & Euterpe – Children Of The New World

Jacco Gardner – Lullabye
Soft Hearted Scientists – The Trees Don’t Seem To Know That It’s September
Howard Eynon – Commitment To The Band
Tyrannosaurus Rex – Dragon’s Ear

Brian Eno – The Fat Lady Of Limbourg
Alice Cooper – Refrigerator Heaven

I Am Kloot – From Your Favorite Sky
Jupiter Apple – Teme De Jupitar Maca
Julian Cope – Bill Drummond Said
R. Stevie Moore – Wayne Wayne (Go Away)
REM – Dark Globe

Television Personalities – I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives

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