Show 418: The Revolution Will Be Reissued (2020 Edition)

Wrapping up the look back at 2020 music wise on the next Listen Up!“ The Revolution Will Be Reissued – Fave reissues of 2020”. Hear selections from reissues, compilations, live albums, lost recordings, expanded releases and more.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland – River Dreams
PJ Harvey – Dress (Demo)
Joni Mitchell – The Circle Game (Live at The 2nd Fret, Philadelphia, PA, 11/1966)
Neil Young – Love Is A Rose

Deep Purple – Help
J.K. & Co. – Land Of Sensations & Delights
The Zombies – I’ll Call You Mine

Group Nine – Days of a Quiet Sun
Absolute Grey – Remorse
JUJU & The Space Rangers – Plastic

Patrick Cowley – Papa Wuzza Rollinston (Vocal)
Use No Hooks – Do The Job
Pylon – Modern Day Fashion Woman (Version 1 Razz Tape)

Rustem Quiliyev – efqan musiqisi
The Shaggs – Wipe Out
Ihsan Al-Munzer – Girls of Iskandariah
Bessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island Singers – Once There Was No Sun
Paritosh Seal – Thumri

Wylde Ratttz – I’m Not Screwin’ Around
Motorhead – Ace Of Spades
Brood – The Roach

Elke Brooks – Be Not Notty
Huggy Bear – Her Jazz
Little Girls – Earthquake Song

Game Theory – Inverness

Jason Molina – Whisper Away
Early Day Miners – Blue Casino

Grateful Dead – To Lay Me Down

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