Show 422: Yadsendew Pu Netsil

The “process” of selecting the material that may be heard will lead to a freeform ride with lots of weird twists and turns. 

This happens when left alone in the room of recordings.

The Space Lady – Born To Be Wild
Air – Cosmic Trip
Mel Henke – Women In Space
Hawkwind – Spiral Galaxy 28948

Pussy Cat – Mais Pourquoi…
The New Bangs – Go Go Kitty
Stark Effect – Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese and Milk
Parliament – Fantasy Is Reality

Bobby Boyle – Ricky The Record Hound
Abbie Neal & Her Ranch Girls – Newton’s Law
Lynn Harper – Only Lady Hobo On The Line
Billie Jo Spears – Get Behind Me Satan And Push
Lloyd Hugo – Mother Trucker

The Five Blobs – From The Top Of Your Guggle
The Spacemen – Chakkiri Bushi
JImmy Witters & The Shadows – Aaaahhh!
Holy Modal Rounders – Euphoria
Bongwater – Splash 1 (The Potatoes compilation version)

Shawn Lee’s Incredible Leg Warmer Band – Cool Down
OZO – Listen To The Buddha
Lowney’s Chocolates – The By Cracky Beat
Pulsallama – Oui-Oui (A Canadian In Paris)

Instant Ralston – Rock and Mole
Pans People – You Can Really Rock And Roll Me
The Dirtbombs – Kings Lead Hat
Mudhoney – Editions of You

Roxy Music – Just Like You
Jackie Cain & Roy Kral – Someone’s Singing
Juliana Hatfield – Have You Never Been Mellow

Samy Phillip – I Wander Freely
The Barry Goldberg Blues Band – Blowing My Mind
Harry Wilcox, Jr. – Children Of Bob Dylan
The Who- Things Go Better With Coke
Nguyen Le – Whole Lotta Love
Doris – Wouldn`t That Be Groovy

The Step One Nursery School Just Plain Folk Singers – Potatoes

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