Show 426: Frantic Platters

Listen Up! will dig up some punk rock pebbles, new wave nuggets, power pop platters, snotty singles and frantic 45’s from the late 70s through the early ’80s and free them from the dusty nostalgic binds of time.

Buzzcocks – Sixteen Again
The Zeros – Don’t Push Me Me Around
Screaming Sneakers – Violent Days
‘S Nots – So Long To The Sixties

Rachel Sweet – New Rose
The Now – Can You Fix Me Up With Her
Stiv Bators – Circumstantial Evidence
Pearl Harbor & The Explosions – Shut Up And Dance
Ian North – Tran-sister

Los Mircowaves – Time To Get Up
Nervus Rex – The Incredible Crawling Eye
The Quick – Pretty Please Me
Wilma & the Wilbers – Tiger Beat

Punk Rock Janitors – Live To Work
Teen Idles – I Drink Milk
Filth – Don’t Hide Your Hate
DMZ – Don’t Jump My Mother
Sheena and The Rokkets – Omae Ga Hoshii

Wreckless Eric – A Pop Song
The Now – I’m Eating Off A Fashion Plate
The Afrika Corps – Juvenile Delinquent
Rubber City Rebels – Brain Job
Dow Jones and the Industrials – Can’t Stand The Midwest
The Dils – Mr. Big
The Urinals – I’m A Bug
The Shock – This Generation’s On Vacation
Sado-Nation – Mom and Pop Democracy

Unit 3 With Venus – Pajama Party
Nikki & The Corvettes – Just What I Need

Polyrock – Go West
Big Bucks Band – Matrimonialmetamorphosyphilis
Steve Fisk – Woodstock
Devo- Auto Modown

Tin Huey – Squirm You Worm
The Waitresses – The Comb
The Pudz – Take Me To Your Leader
The Twinkeyz – Little Joey

The Ed Davis Band – Keith Richards Dead
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