Show 438: International Girls (again)

Two hours of girl group and female fronted band and solo sounds from practically every continent.No country will be visited twice as we crisscross genre and time.

Pop Tarts – Girlie Pop (Germany)
The Girls – Rocket For Girls (Greece)
Shocking Blue – The Butterfly and I (Netherlands)
Marcella Laiferova – Hush (Czechoslovakia)
Sodsai Chaangkij – Shake Baby Shake (Thailand)

Helen Love – Love; Kiss; Run: Sing; Shout; Jump! (Wales)
Twigs – Divulge (Norway)
The Jetliners – Summerwine (India)
Yma Sumac – La Molina (Peru)

Sarit Hadad – Mimi (Israel)
Maria Andersson – Lift Me Up (Sweden)

Natalia Lafourcade – Hasta La Raiz (Mexico)
Nneka – Book Of Job (Nigeria)
Phyllis Dillon – Don’t Sway Away (Jamaica)

Melenas – Ya No Me Importa (Spain)
Sophisticated Boom Boom – Yeah Yeah Yeah (Switzerland)
Isanka Y Sus Tropicanas – Extiendete (Venezuela)

Look Blue Go Purple – Grace (New Zealand)
Brunetta & Her Belubas – Baluba Shake (Italy)
Carnival Park – You Fancy (Philippines)
Letta Mbulu – Mahlalela (South Africa)
Les Amazones de Guineem – Samba (Guinea)

Aterciopeldos – Jugale, Apuestale (Columbia)
Ann Christine, Ulla Ja Tiina – Lilian Monta Palvaa (Finland)
Pussy Cat – Arret d’autobus (France)

Zsuzsa Koncz- Karesem A Szot (Hungary)
Rokia Traore – Dounia (Mali)
Emel Mathlouthi – Kaddesh (Tunisia)

Pridjevi – Ako Je (Croatia)
Bidston Moss – Silver Top Taxi (Australia)
Las Mosquitas – Tembleque (Argentina)
Chang Siao Ying – Come Back To Me (China)

The B-52’s – 52 Girls (USA)

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