Show 446: Mind-Melting Freeform Radio

Roger Ruskin Spear – Doctor Rock
The United States Of America – The American Metaphysical Circus
The Red Krayola – Hurricane Fighter Plane

Mayo Thompson – Venus In The Morning
Johnny Thompson Quintet – Color Me Columbus
The Fasted Group Alive – The Bears
Perry and Kingsley – Spooks In Space
Elsa Popping And Her Pixieland Band – Java

Gordon Jenkins – The Conductor (Cresent City Blues)
Stanky & His Pennsylvania Coal Miners Polka Band – Who Likes Pierogi
The Holy Modal Rounders – Happy Scrapple Daddy Polka
The Godz- 1+1 =?

Manniquin – In America, There Is Everything
Ruben Guevara – The Star Spangled Banner
Mothers of Invention – Oh No

EDO – This Is Your Life Boris Karloff
New Zoo Review – In The Arts
Talking Heads – Artists Only
Television Personalities – Lichtenstein Painting

7-Eleven – Dance The Slurp
The Banana Splits – I Enjoy Being A Boy
Justice League Of America – Metamorpho the Element Man
Traits – Nobody Loves The Hulk

Bongwater – David Bowie Wants Ideas
David Bowie – Holy Holy
Shockabilly – Purple Haze
Ivor Cutler – Piano Tuner Song 2000 AD

Harry Partch – EU
The Residents – Godsong
Fad Gadget – Incontinent
Lee Marvin – Wanderin’ Star

Opel – If The Sun Don’t Shine (Adaptation of Jugband Blues)

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