Show 451: Proto Retro

The New Pornographers – All The Things That Go To Make Heaven And Earth
Roxy Music – Re-Make/Re-Model
Filthy Friends – Editions Of You

Lene Lovich – Lucky Number
The Schizophonics – Black To Comm
The Go-Go’s – Get Up And Go
The Fleshtones – Ten Dollars More
The Zeros – Wimp

Photon Band – Here Come Some Changes
Steve Martin (The Left Banke) – Two By Two
Television Personalities – Someone To Share My Life With
Grant Hart – 2541

Graham Gouldman – Impossible Years
The Impossible Years – Her Father Suspects
The dB’s – Amplifier

The Shaggs – Wipe Out
The Frampton Brothers – New Dog’s Day
The Green Pajamas – Kim The Waitress
St. John’s Alliance – He’ll Wait For You
The Searchers – Infatuation
Big Star – Kangaroo
Game Theory – Regenisrean

The Johnsons – Love You So
28th Day – 25 Pills
Material Issue – Diane
Palmyra Delran – You’re My Brian Jones

Hoodoo Gurus – Death Defying
The Point – All My Life
The Blues Project – Violets of Dawn
The Fabs – That’s The Bag I’m In

Brother JT – Lights On, Nobody’s Home

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