Show 458: Listen Up! Again

Negativland – Megaphone Guy
Brigitte Fontaine & Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Comme à la radio
Ernest Flippin II – Supersonic Space Lady
Los Wembler’s De Iquitos – Lamento Selvatico

David Greenberger & Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic – A-E-I_O-U (Guitars, pt 1)
Meridian Brothers – Sostengan Al Angel Entusiasta
Maxshh – Boogie Stop Shuffle/Futurism Restated
Rahsaan Roland Kirk – The Ragman and the Junkman Ran from the Businessman They Laughed and He Cried
The Scene Is Now – Bugged Out, Wigged Out

Happy Monsters – Ooog Frug
Harry Stoneman – Martini
P.E. – I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
Paul Quarino – YMCA
Peter L. Bastin – How To Make A Tape Recorder

Ed Osbourne – Kitten On The Keys
Ursula Bogner – Beglietung Fur Tuba
King Crimson – Formentera Lady
Ewa Demarczyk – Taki Pejzaż
Algebra Suicide – Please Respect Our Decadence
Sparks – I Wish You Were Fun

The Mothers Of Invention – You’re Probably Wondering My I’m Here
National Gallery – Barbaric, Classical, Solemn
Udo Lindenberg – Wotan Wahnwitz
The Residents & Renaldo and the Loaf – Crashing

Lollipop Train – Teenage Trifle
Chang Siao Ying – Come Back To Me
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Shifting Sands
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band – Observatory Crest

Rufus Hofbagger – All You Need Is Toys

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