Show 466 – The Revolution Will Be Reissued (2021 Edition)

Wrapping up the look back at 2021 music wise on the next Listen Up !“ The Revolution Will Be Reissued – Fave reissues of 2021”. Hear selections from reissues, compilations, live albums, lost recordings, expanded releases and more.

Jacqueline Taieb – 7am
Liberatoire – Vedette internationale
The Rootsman – Arid Land

John Lennon – God (Home Demo)
Willie Dunn – The Dreamer
David Crosby – Where Will I Be? (Demo)
Alice Coltrane – Krishna Krishna

Najib Al Housh – Ya Aen Daly
Leo Nocentelli – Give Me Back My Loving
Primal Scream – Come Together (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)

Janet Kaye – Heaven Help The Working Girl
Billie Jo Spears – Mr. Walker, It’s All Over
Grapes Of Wrath – Write Another Song

Bush Tetras – Cold Turkey (Live In London)
Getting The Fear – Dune Buggy Attack
The Wormholes – Go Under

Steve Marriott With The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra – Soldier
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Avalanche
Linda Smith – Imaginary Conversation

The Hawks – All The Young Men
Akiko Yano – What’s Got In Your Eyes?

Mumps – S.O.S.
Bates Motel – The Way Marlena Moves
Pushups – Pop Power
Tangled Shoelaces – Turn My Dial
The dB’s – Goin’ The Club

Snuffy – I Wanna Change My Life

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