Show 484: A Freeform Stew of Cosmic Goo

Junior Parker – Tomorrow Never Knows
Sam Gopal – Yesterlove
Baligh Hamdi – My Love Story
Pip Proud – A Fraying Space

The Free Pop Electronic Concept – Chewing Gum Delirium
Mebusas – I Wonna Do It
The Mystic Moods Orchestra- Cosmic Sea
Serge Gainsbourg – L’hotel Particulier

Bill Holt’s Dreamies – Program Ten, Part One
Opal – A Falling Star
Morgan Delt – Barbarian Kings
Water Witches – Soul BDSM

Rasputin & The Mad Monks – I Had Too Much To Dream
Eden Ahbez – The Old Boat
Jim Sullivan – U.F.O.
Pisces – Dear One
Tafo feat. Nahid Akhtar with Mehdi Hassan and A. Nayyar – Zambo Zambo

Mahavishnu Orchestra – You Know, You Know
Sorcerer – Junction
The Other Half – Mr. Pharmacist
Sons of Vegetal Mother – Love Is The Law

The Black Mirrors – The World Ends
S.E.M. Studios – Ivresse Des Profondeurs
Smiles – Just A Star
Pool Pah – Sour Soul

Jessie Colin Young – The Peace Song

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