Show 507: The December 7th Program

Heart – Soul Of The Sea
Roxy Music – Sea Breezes
Marissa Nadler – Solitude

Hamish KIlgour – Last Song
Syd Barrett – No Man’s Land
Jeffrey Lewis – Anxiety Attack

Linda Smith – Figment Of Your Imagination
Gal Costa – Baby
Nico – I’ll Keep It With Mine

Steve Gunn / Mdou Moctar – Protection
Psychic Ills – I Don’t Mind
Cat Power – You Got The Silver

Heron Oblivion – Rama
Christine Perfect – When You Say
Waylon Jennings – Crying
Mazzy Star – Flowers In December

Chica And The Folder – I’ll Come Running
Eno – Some Of Them Are Old
Jenn Champion – Owner Of A Lonely Heart
St. Vincent – Fear The Future

RTX – Beth
Tess Park and Anton Newcombe – Melonist
Yo La Tengo – Dream Dream Away
Three Minute Tease – Dust Beneath My Wings

Sebodah – Soul and Fire

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