Listen Up! (the blog) Is Expanding (that is the hope)


After some thought, I have decided to actually commit to using this space as more than a playlist housing portal.  In the past, I have linked to other things I have thought would be of interest as well as a few steps into original content.  I want to do more of that and truly make this a true addendum to the radio show.

Look for music, book, film reviews, interviews, musings and the like as well as links to other interesting content. I also welcome contributors.

Listen Up! Meets The Mt. Airy Groove


Thanks to Ian Ranzer for inviting me to share some music on his show called Mt. Airy Groove last night. The show will be repeated during my time slot on Monday April 29th.  Links to the stream and download are listed with playlist.

Mt. Airy Groove
Wednesdays, 8pm-10pm

April 17, 2013



Playlist (Song/Artist/Album/Label):

“Locomotive Breath”  Atomic Forest  Obsession  (Now Again)

“Soul Struttin'”  1910 Fruit Gum Company  Simon Says  (Buddah)

“3 A.M.”  Phil Hewitt Jazz Ensemble  Since Washington  (Now Again)

“Funkee Majong”  Sadistic Mika Band  Hot Menu  (Harvest)

“Bring Da Ruckus”  El Michels Affair  Enter the 37th Chamber  (Truth & Soul)

“What Are Their Names”  David Crosby  …If Only I Could Remember My Name  (Atlantic)

“Enlightenment”  Sun Ra   Spiritual Jazz Vol. 4: Americans in Europe  (Jazzman)

“Four Million B.C.”  NRBQ   Workshop  (Kama Sutra)

“Thatcherie”  Sven Libaek  Ron & Val Taylor’s Inner Space  (Votary)

“Rock Me”  Electric Concept Orchestra  Moog Groove  (Limelight)

“Revolução Orgânica”  Marcos Valle  Vento Sul  (Odeon/Light in the Attic)

“Tomorrow’s People”  McDonald & Giles  McDonald & Giles  (Cotillion)

“The Folks From Mother’s Mixer”  Mer-da  Long Burn the Fire  (Funky Delicacies)

“Go Back”  Crabby Appleton  Crabby Appleton  (Elektra)

“Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love”  Odyssey  Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown’s MoWest Story 1971-75  (MoWest/Light in the Attic)

“Can You Get To That”  Funkadelic  Maggot Brain  (Westbound)

“Comrades”  The Stark Reality  Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop  (AJP/Now Again)

“Memphis”  Pianosaurus  Groovy Neighborhood  (Rounder)

“Grateful Head”  The Upstroke  Porno Groove: The Sound of ’70s Adult Films   (Secret Stash)

“Guitar Voodoo”  The Darkside  All That Noise  (Situation Two)

“Sama Yaye Demma N’Darr”  Guelewar  Touki Ba BanjulAcid Trip From Banjul to Dakar  (Kindred Spirits)

“The Jezebel Spirit”  Brian Eno & David Byrne  My Life in the Bush of Ghosts  (Sire)

“Get Back”  Dennis Coffey Trio  Hair & Thangs  (Maverick)

When Albums Ruled the World

Between the mid 1960s and the late 1970s, the long-playing record and the albums that graced its grooves changed popular music for ever. For the first time, musicians could escape the confines of the three-minute pop single and express themselves as never before across the expanded artistic canvas of the album. The LP allowed popular music become an art form – from the glorious artwork adorning gatefold sleeves, to the ideas and concepts that bound the songs together, to the unforgettable music itself.

Built on stratospheric sales of albums, these were the years when the music industry exploded to become bigger than Hollywood. From pop to rock, from country to soul, from jazz to punk, all of music embraced what ‘the album’ could offer. But with the collapse of vinyl sales at the end of the 70s and the arrival of new technologies and formats, the golden era of the album couldn’t last forever.

Show 027: Apocalypse Jukebox – Archived Stream and Playlist


ImageThe Mayan Apocalypse is slated to happen on Dec 21st, so author Ed Whitelock will be a special guest on this week’s Listen Up! program discussing his book “Apocalypse Jukebox: The End of The World In Popular Music”.

We will chat about the recurring theme of impending doom, play some favorite apocalyptic songs and help you prepare musically for the world’s demise.

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Playlist (Artist -Title – Year of song) 

Opening Theme

Man or Astroman?  –  Maximum Radiation Level  – Experiment Zero – 1996

Original Sins – End Of The World – The Hardest Way – 1989
Be Bop Deluxe – Panic In The World – Drastic Plastic -1978

David Bowie – Five Years – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars -1972
Peter Gabriel/Robert Fripp – Here Comes The Flood – Exposure – 1979

Interview with Ed Whitelock

Primitons – Stars -Primitons -1985
REM – Shaking Through – Murmur – 1983
Blind Willie Johnson – John The Revelator – Anthology Of American Folk Music – 1930
The Swimming Pool Q’s – The A- Bomb Woke Me Up – The Deep End -1981


Devo – Beautiful World – New Traditionalist -1981
Stranglers – Nuclear Device – The Raven -1979

Bob Dylan – Highway 61 Revisited – Highway 61 Revisited -1965
Love – Mushroom Clouds – Love -1966
Leonard Cohen – Closing Time – The Future – 1992

Adrian Belew – Burned By The Fire We Make – The Acoustic Adrian Belew -1993

Click on the Mixcloud button to hear the archived stream.

Shows can also be downloaded for a limited time here.

Radio Unnameable

Radio Unnameable Documentary Trailer from Lost Footage Films on Vimeo.

In 1963, one man radically transformed the FM dial.  RADIO UNNAMEABLE tells the story of the groundbreaking New York disc jockey Bob Fass and his innovative use of the airwaves to inform, entertain and encourage dialogue amongst listeners.  His program is entirely free form, there’s no telling what might happen next.  It is a place to hear great music, conversations with artists and activists, audio experiments, and where the average listener can discuss local and international issues, from problems with landlords in the Bronx to the war in Afghanistan.  Bob Fass is still on the air today, approaching 50 years behind the microphone, and he remains as vital and current as ever.

Radio Unnameable’s orbit of listeners are active participants and a key component to the program.  Bob Fass’s goal was to create a participatory democracy on the air, utilizing this community as an organizing tool, working with listeners to stage protests and events, such as the 1967 “Sweep-In” where listeners gathered to clean up a Lower East Side block during a garbage strike.  He has talked callers down from bad trips and even averted a suicide attempt.  Parallels can be drawn to today’s innovations such as Facebook, Twitter, flash mobs, etc..  The listeners were “citizen reporters” and on Radio Unnameable, every voice is heard.

Show 015: A Mid-Afternoon Hush – Playlist and Archived Stream

This week, Listen Up! takes you on a mind-expanding journey filled with the dreamy grooves and gentle, nuanced rhythms of the acid tinged folk sounds from the golden era of the late 60’s and early 70’s and beyond. Leave the busy hum in this world of tomorrow behind.

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Playlist (Artist -Title- Album – Year of song)

Opening Theme

Man or Astroman – Maximum Radiation Level – Experiment Zero – 1996

Heaven & Earth – Feel the Spirit – A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Vol. 1 – 1973

Dr. Strangely Strange – Strangely Strange, But Oddly Normal – Kip of The Serenes – 1970

Mark Fry – The Witch – Dreaming With Alice – 1972

Carol Batton – Bee –Ing

Mellow Candle- Silver Song – Swaddling Songs – 1972

Nick Drake – Time Has Told Me – Five Leaves Left – 1969

Roy Harper – Forever – Sophisticated Beggar – 1966

Pearls Before Swine – Translucent Carriages – Balaklava – 1968

The Byrds – Here Without You – Mr. Tambourine Man – 1965

Jonathan Wilson – Ballad Of The Pines – Gentle Spirit – 2008

Samara Labelski – Fired To – Spectacular Of Passages – 2005

Linda Perhacs – Hey, Who Really Cares – Parallelograms – 1970

The Holy Modal Rounders – One Will Do For Now – The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders -1968

Carol Batton – Trees Come Back To Life In Winter

Bonnie Dobson – Winter’s Going – Bonnie Dobson – 1969

Trees – She Moved Thro’ The Fair – The Garden Of Jane Delawney – 1970

Susan Christie – Paint A Lady – Paint A Lady – 1970

Donovan – Curry Lady – Open Road – 1970

Wendy & Bonnie – By The Sea – Genesis – 1969

The Incredible String Band – My Father Was A Lighthouse Keeper – Earthspan – 1972

Pentangle – When I Get Home – Reflection – 1971

Sunforest – Magician In The Mountain – Sound of Sunforest – 1969

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Elemental Child – A Beard Of Stars – 1970

Devendra Barnhart – Hey, Moma Wolf – A Cripple Crow – 2005

Fairport Convention – Meet On The Ledge – What We Did On Our Holidays – 1968

Talk with Giant Skyflower Band –  Rainbows and Dreams (with Worms Singing) –  Blood of The Sunworm  – 2007

Click on the Mixcloud button to hear the archived stream.

Show 012: Modern Adventures In Classical Music – Playlist and Archived Stream

This week Listen Up! explores the world of “serious” music. Listen to the music that descends from the classical tradition and its relationship with popular and traditional music. Hear the works of classical composers alongside boundary crossing sounds from those in the popular music world. We will also be joined by emerging composer Thomas LaVoy . Thomas LaVoy is a pianist, singer-songwriter and composer of contemporary classical music.

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Playlist (Artist -Title- Album – Year of song)

Opening Theme

Man or Astroman – Maximum Radiation Level – Experiment Zero – 1996

Bell Orchestre – Salvatore Amato – Recording a Tape the Colour of the Light – 2005

Little Scream – The Lamb – The Golden Record – 2011

Arcade Fire – In The Backseat – Funeral – 2004

Nico Muhly – Fire Down Below – I Drink the Air Before Me -2010

Interview w/ Thomas LaVoy

Thomas LaVoy– White Stones – Performed by The Westminster Choir

Thomas LaVoy – 19

Shipwreck Party – Keep Hidden

Thomas LaVoy – Death’s Protest –  Performed by The Westminster New Music Ensemble

Renaissance – Kings and Queens – Renaissance -1969

Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists – Asturias – Show of Hands – 1991

Yat-Kha – Love Will Tear Us Apart – Recovers – 2005

Frank Zappa – Peaches en Regalia – Hot Rats – 1969

David Bowie – Lady Grinning Soul – Alladin Sane – 1973

Dead Can DanceSeverance -The Serpent’s Egg– 1988

Bjork – Oceania – 2004

Background Music:   Beach Boys – Our Prayer – Smile – 1967

Petra Haden – I Can See For Miles – Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out -2005

Click on the Mixcloud button to hear the archived stream.

Radio Knockouts

Look for a new blog only feature coming soon.  I will be profiling other hosts and producers of radio programs you can hear via this internet contraption.

With the rise of a mobile web, you no longer need to be plugged in to hear great shows around the world.  You no longer are reliant on your local media that gives you an illusion of choice.  It is the dawn of a new age in radio and it isn’t driven by a computer algorithm with no personality deliberately trying to ensnare your soul by deciphering  you into some kind of marketing demographic.

I hope to turn you on to some great hosts, great shows and great music and ideas.

Sherman Hemsley Was A Big Prog Rock Fan

Today on Listen Up!,  the sounds of prog rock will fill two solid hours. The show is dedicated to the late prog rock lovin’ Sherman Hemsley.

DANGEROUS MINDS:  Sherman Hemsley, the actor who played “George Jefferson” on the The Jeffersons and All in the Family is known to be a huge fan of prog rock, especially Gentle Giant, Nektar and Gong.

Hemsley collaborated with Yes’s Jon Anderson on a funk-rock opera about the “spiritual qualities of the number 7” (never produced). Hemsley also did an interpretive dance to the Gentle Giant song “Proclamation” on Dinah Shore’s 70s talkshow, that was apparently somewhat confusing for her.

But the best story, I mean the best story of all time, is the one told by Gong’s Daevid Allen about his encounter with the beloved 70’s sitcom star….MORE >