Show 331: That Is, I Think, It’s Not Too Bad – Playlist and Archived Stream


It is a freeform psychedelic stew for folks who listen to music, not just hear it.

Playlist (Artist -Title- Album – Year of song)

Opening Theme

Man or Astroman? – Maximum Radiation Level – Experiment Zero – 1996

The Books – Group Autogenics I – The Way Out-2010
The Adult Net – Incense and Peppermint – Incense and Peppermint-1985
Brother JT – Mississippi Somethin’-Tornado Juice – 2018
Dan Auerbach – King Of A One Horse Town-Waiting On A Song – 2017
The Olivia Tremor Control – I Can Smell The Leaves-Music From The Unrealized Film Script: Dusk At Cubist Castle-1996

Scott Walker – A Lover Loves-The Drift-2006
Current 93 – This Ain’t The Summer of Love –Swastikas for Noddy-1988

Moondog – Symphonique #3 (Ode to Venus)-Moondog -1969
The Beach Boys – Feel Flows- Surfs Up-1971
The Residents – Strawberry Fields Forever -The Warner Bros. Album-1971
The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever (take 7)-Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band-1967

Spiritualized – I Think I’m In Love –Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space -1997
Ernestine Schumann Heink – Brindisi- Various: Golden Voices Sing Great Arias ‎-1906
Boards of Canada – The Color of the Fire –Music Has The Right To Children-1998

Spirit – Turn To The Right-The Adventures Of Kaptain Kopter & Commander Cassidy In Potatoland-1981
Godley and Creme – Cool, Cool, Cool –Music from Consequences-1978
Todd Rundgren – Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel- A Wizard, A True Star – 1973
Ann Magnuson – What Is Pretty? –Pretty Songs & Ugly Stories-2007
Martin Denny – Exotica –Forbidden Island-1959
Doggerel Bank – Old Man and the Ginger Fly-Mister Skillicorn Dances-1975

Hawkwind – Orgone Accumulator – Space Ritual – 1973
Deerhunter – Spring Hall Convert -Cryptograms – 2007
Caetano Veloso – Araca Azul –Araçá Azul – 1973

The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds –Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld-1991
Joe Meek & The Blue Men – Disc Dance of the Globbots –I Hear A New World-1960
Freddie & Dreamers – Clockwork and Music –Oliver In The Overworld-1970
Talking Heads – Mind –Fear of Music – 1979

Zen For Primates – My Sharona-Albatross-1992

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