Show 332: Play On – Playlist and Archived Stream


Pop hooks, catchy choruses, riffs, bouncy beats, ooohhs and ahhs, jangle, fuzz, power pop, Beatlesque garage, paisley pop, snotty teen angst, love, frustration, songs about spring and heartbreak, zany fun and all the stuff that should be played on the radio that you hardly hear. More unpopular pop tunes or pop tunes for unpopular people.


Speedies- You Need Pop
The Barreracudas – Diet Coke
The Ramones – Rock “n” Roll High School
The Beat – Rock N Roll Girl
The Barracudas – Summer Fun

Split Squad – Now Hear This
The Kings Ransom – Shame
St. John’ Alliance – He’ll Wait For You

Shoes – Too Late
Jellyfish – Glutton of Sympathy
Posies – Golden Blunders
The Church – Unguarded Moment

The Bongos – The Bulrushes
Hoodoo Gurus – Bittersweet
Flamin’ Groovies – You Tore Me Down
Let’s Active – Fell

The Frampton Brothers – New Dog’s Day
Game Theory – Something To Show
The Green Pajamas – She’s Still Bewitching Me
Material Issues – Kim The Waitress

Wonderboy – Skidmarks
Go Go’s – Skidmarks On My Heart
Baby Shakes – Baby Blue
RunHideFight – Because I Love You
Pale Lips – Some Sorta Rock n Roll

The Dates – Love’ Made a Fool of Me
Warm Soda – I’m Waiting For The Man
Raspberries – Play On
Dwight Twilley Band – I’m On Fire
Cheap Trick – Downed

The Scruffs – I’m A Failure
The Bigger Lovers – Catch and Release
Redd Kross – Byrds and Fleas

Chris Bell – I Am The Cosmos


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