Show 333: Truant and Anonymity – Playlist and Archived Stream

Seems Listen Up! this week is shaping to fill your head with a sizable mix of dredged up audio ingredients for your mid week, mid afternoon. Mutant primal sludge, grey, grim and glorious space rock strangeness, bad-trip guitar solos, plus other assorted recorded treats .

Stray – All in Your Mind
J.D. Blackfoot – Prophecy
Fleetwood Mac – Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)

Captain Beyond – Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air)

Grand Funk Railroad – Out To Get You
The Hellacopters – Working For MCA
Spinal Tap – Hell Hole

The Melvins – In The Flesh?
Billy Synth & The Turnups – The Mask
The Litter – Blue Ice
The Open Mind – Cast A Spell

Montrose – Space Station #5
Velvet Monkeys – Rock The Nation
Blue Oyster Cult – The Red And The Black
Radio Birdman – Descent Into The Maelstrom

UFO – Love To Love

White Witch – Class of 2000
Cheech & Chong – Earache My Eye

The Stooges – TV Eye
Robert Calvert – Ejection
Mudhoney – Editions of You
Demian – Face The Crowd
Mott The Hoople – Jerkin’ Crocus

Thin Lizzy – The Rocker

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