Show 365: Support Community Radio


Listen Up! returns with another two hours of freakform radio.

We are in the midst of our end of year fund drive. Show your support and make a statement that you believe the airwaves are truly public space. Your membership means everything to us! Be as generous as you can to keep Community Supported Radio alive and thriving in Northwest Philly We aren’t backed by an educational institution and we are not connected to a larger public radio network. Our community of listeners and their support is what allows us to be truly independent and provide you with programming that doesn’t appeal to the lowest common denominator for NW Philadelphia residents. and beyond.  Click donate 

5 Dollar Bill – Tetuzi Akiyama
Richard Reb’ll – Reb’ll Message
Øyvind Skarbø – 1-555-3327
Devendra Banhart – Devendra Banhart

Johhny Thunders & The Heartbreakers – Can’t Keep My Eyes On You
The Slits – Love Und Romance
Television Personalities – Girl On A Motorcycle
The Pink Floyd (The Tea Set) – Butterfly

Akiko Yano – Funamachi Uta Part 2
Little Feat – Snakes On Everything
Chico Hamilton – Gengis

The Posies – You Avoid Parties
Jeff Magnum – Sign the Dotted Line
Dan kibler – I Wanna Be Like You

Loretta Lynn – Fist City
Sandi Scott – Fist City No. 2
Andy Johnston – Good Times
Lucinda Willaims – Sundays
Dolly Parton – I Want Be What You Want

The Leopards – Psychedelic Boy
The Hallmarks – Soul Shakin’ Psychedelic Sally
Sagittarius – Another Time
Action Unlimited – My Heart Cries Out
Cindy Malone – You Were Near Me

Moon Duo – Eternal Shore
Robyn Hitchcock – Chinese Bones
World Of Pooh – Somewhere Soon

Agincourt – When I Awoke
Grant Lee Buffalo – Fuzzy

The Carrie Nations – Come With The Gentle People

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Click on the Mixcloud button to hear the archived stream.

Listen Up! is now available as a podcast at


Click on the Mixcloud button to hear the archived stream.
Listen Up! is now available as a podcast at

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