Show 376: Catch A Bright Star And A Place It On Your Forehead


Lots of crunchy, riff filled, hand clapping, foot stomping glamtastic rock and roll.

Ken Sharp – Rock & Roll Supershow
T.Rex – 20th Century Boy
Brother JT – T. Rex Blues
Opal – Rocket Machine

Ice Cream – Shout It Out
Hello – Another School Day
Velveteen Rabbit – Mind Numbing Entertainment

Montrose – Rock The Nation
Creem Circus – RIff Mountain

Pale Lips – Hanky Panky Franky
Redd Kross – Motorboat
The Blondes – High-Five Suicide
The New Pornographers – War On the East Coast
Blondie – Rip Her To Shreds
Brian Eno & The Winkies – Baby’s On Fire

Golden Earring – Lonesome D.J.
White Witch – Class of 2000
Gyasi – Fast Love
Brett Smiley – Va Va Va Voom

Roxy Music – Do The Strand
Pantherman – Pantherman
Pussy – Feline Woman

Teen Machine – Demolition Girl
Sweet – Hell Raiser
Suzy & Los Quattro – Fox On The Run

Lemming – Lucifera
Geordie – All Because Of You
Stevie Wright – Hard Road
Smash Fashion – Blame It On The Brandy

Hammered Satin – Satin Stomp

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