Show 377: Remembering David Roback


Remember the music of David Roback. David passed away at the age of 61 last week. Hear selections from his bands: Rain Parade,Clay Allison, Opal,Mazzy Star and choice covers and influences.

The Rain Parade – I Look Around
The Three O’Clock – What’s She Done To My Mind
The Byrds – What’s Happening?!?!
The Bangs – Getting Out Of Hand

Opal – Lullabye
Love – Five String Serenade
Mazzy Star – Be My Angel
Neil Young – When You Dance You Can Really Love

Rainy Day – On The Way Home
Clay Allison – Fell From The Sun
Pink Floyd – Jugband Blues
The Beatles – She Said She Said
The Rain Parade – Kaleidoscope

Opal – Happy Nightmare Baby
The Rain Parade – Carolyn’s Song
Big Star – Holocaust
Mazzy Star – Into Dust
Dean and Britta – Hear The Wind Blow

Syd Barrett – No Good Trying
Buffalo Springfield – Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
Velvet Underground – I’ll Be Your Mirror
Mazzy Star – I’ve Been Let Down

Slapp Happy – Blue Flower
The Bangles – Talking In My Sleep

The Doors – Indian Summer
Clay Allison – All Souls
Mazzy Star – Seasons Of Your Day
The Rain Parade – 1 Hour 1/2 Ago
Rainy Day – Soon By Home

Opal – Little Bit Of Rain

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