Show 406: Trance Mutation

Yet another freeform haze of music exhumation

Little Scream – Dear Leader
Mandible Chatter – Psychotic Reaction
Sam Gopal – Yesterlove

Soundwalk Collective – Peradam

Wet Tuna – THTC
Primal Scream – Carry Me Home

The Beach Boys – Our Prayer
Khamsa Khala – Auliya
The Serpent Power – Gently, Gently

The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever (tk 7)
Alice Coltrane – Om Shanti
Amon Düül II – Sandoz In The Rain
Bab L’Bluz – Ila Mata

Opal – Grains of Sand

Tim Buckley – Pleasant Street/Keep Me Hanging On
Bonnie Dobson – Morning Dew

Chris Bell – Speed Of Sound
The Rolling Stones – Child Of The Moon
The Millennium – Prelude / To Claudia On Thursday

Nico – Somewhere There’s A Feather

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