Show 407: Where The Bad Things Are

This week, Listen Up! will be an all Philadelphia music program. Sixties garage, 70’s sludge, punk, art damaged post punk, fuzzy 80’s and 90’s indie rock along with some now sounds because “Bad Things Happen In Philadelphia”.

Music with a snotty and fun atty-tood can be heard

Jukebox Zeros – Get Outta Philly
Facts Of Life – I’ve Seen Darker Nights
Pure Hell – These Boots Are Made For Made Walking
The Snaps – Like A Cave Man
Mondo Topless – Stay Away

M-Fakter – War Dance
Doctor Bombay – What Kind Of Trip Are You On
Ruin – Hero

Uptown Bones – Do Watcka Do
Foxycontin – Alive In Interesting Times
Poppy – Moomoo & Goadie

The Friggs – Bad Word For A Good Thing
Suburban Wives Club – Guru Eye
Rocknoceros – Swimming Man
Thee Minks- I Lie To Boys
The Impossible Years – Her Father Suspects
Ornamental Wigwam – I’m A Hipgroover
Baby Flamehead – Action News Theme

Ray Hatcher – Philadelphia Baby
Go To Blazes – Casa Diablo
Sugar Skulls – Light Of Despair
Bill Moss – You Look Like Something The Cat Drug In

Wastoid – Omnipotent God Of Rock
Bang – Questions
Chino – The Company
Sic Kidz – On A Jones
Sleepless Knights – You’re Driving Me Crazy

St. James & The Apostles – Kensington Time Killers
Electric Love Muffin – Blackness That Could Be Blue
O Mighty Isis – Teenager From OuterSpace
Caterpillar -Somnambulistic

Beretta76 – Hit Parade
RunHideFight – He’s A Jerk
Iron Gate – Feelin’ Bad

The Dead Milkmen – Right Wing Pigeons

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