Show 409: Go Crazy

More of the stuff you love to hear happens tomorrow on Listen Up! Twisted and trashy, lip curling, obscure rock n roll,, drunk blues, dysfunctional doo-wop, staggering group vocals, monotonal saxophones, amped up rockablilly, swanky jazz, and all kinds of delicious slop to make you bop!

Billy Boy Arnold – Rockinitis
Johnny Burnette Rock and Roll Trio – Tear It Up
Danièle Dupré Tequila
Bob Taylor & The Counts – Thunder
Bill Allen & The Backbeats – Please Give Me Something
Lee Dresser & The Krazy Kats – Beat Out My Love

Jessie Hill – Scoop Scoobie Doobie
Ronnie Dio & The Prophets- Do The Oop-Poo-Pah-doo
JJ Jackson & the Jackeals – Oo-ma-Liddi
The Sherwoods – Monkey See Monkey Do
Ric Cartey – ooh eee

Roger King Mozian – Desert Dance Twist
The Crazy Teens – Crazy Date
The Coasters – Wild One
Richard Berry – Crazy Lover
The Busters – Bust Out
Roy Orbison – Problem Child

Earl Chatman – Take Two Steps Back
Freddie Hart – Snatch It And Grab It
Spyder Turner – Ride In My 225
Clem Sacco – Oh Mama, Voglio l’ Uovo Alla Coque
Arif Sag- Su Samsunun Evleri

Claus Ogerman Orchestra – Green Onions
Andre Williams With The Ted Walker Orchestra & Gino Purifoy – Greasy Chicken
Ted Jarrett & Band – (Let’s Twist) Slow and Easy
Roy Hall – Dig Everybody Dig That Boogie
Hasil Adkins – I Wanna Kiss Kiss Kiss Your Lips

Allen Page – She’s The One That’s Got It
Alexander Prince – Donauwellen
Xavier Cugat – Gesundheit
Rudy Greene – Juicy Fruit
The Nite Riders – Lookin’ For My Baby (aka Ya Ya Ya)

Eddie Kirk – The Grunt
Richard Brothers _ Drunk Driver’s Coming
Henry Hayes With Georgetta Hardin – Stop Smacking That Wax
Charlie Feathers – One Hand Loose
Jimmy Lloyd – Where The Rio De Rose Flows
Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm – Katanga
Los Indio’s Tacunau – Romance Del Barrio

The Stintones – Foot Stompin’ Time
Prince Conley – I’m Going Home
Champion Jack Dupree – Shim Sham Shimmy

Mohammed Hanesh – Sidi Mansour

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