The Graveyard Shift 2020: Spooktacular A-Go-Go

All you vampires. insomniacs and other dark hour inhabitants, let us stay up all night for my annual spooktacular overnight shindig! It’s a zany ghoul a go-go theme this year with all kinds of back from the grave and assorted graveyard stompers. Since we also turn the clock back, in honor of the “Time Warp” at 2am, The Rocky Horror Soundtrack reinterpreted via some interesting and perhaps bizarre cover versions. So join me from the bewitching hour of midnight to dawn for all kinds of trick and treating.

Archive stream is broken into four parts

Midnight to 1am
Fuzztones – Happy Halloween

Jackie Morningstar – Rockin’ In The Graveyard
The Crystals – Frankenstein Twist
Richard Rome – Ghost A Go-Go
Mann Drake – Vampire’s Ball

Louis Armstrong – Spooks
Ervinna and The Stylers – Witch Queen Of New Orleans
Jericho Jones – Black Magic
Jerry Wald – The Creeper
October Country – My Girlfriend Is A Witch

The Hi-Risers – Ghost of The Surfer Girl
The Ventures – Exploration In Terror
The Skeptics – Legend Of The Headless Surfer
The Pandoras – Haunted Beach Party

Kip Tyler – She’s My Witch
Glenn Ryle – Wolf Girl
Batlord – Undertaker
Demented Are Go – One Sharp Knife
Dead Moon – Graveyard
Gravedigger V – All Black And Hairy

Peter & The Wolf – Mr. Frankenstein
Christine Pilzer – Dracula
Cobra Verde – Modified Frankenstein
Bobby Bare – Vampira
Yummy Fur – Frankenstein A-Go-Go
John Zacherle – Dinner With Drac

The Vettes- Devil’s Driver Theme
Mike Adkins – The Invaders Are Here
The Invasion – The Invasion Is Coming
Blue Oyster Cult – E.T.I (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)

Hasil Adkins – No More Hot Dogs
Kenn Kerr & The Idols – Haunted House
Billy Barton – The Devil, My Conscience And I
Porter Wagoner – First Mrs Jones
Eddie Noack – Psycho

Griz Green – Jam At The Mortuary
Alice Cooper – I Love The Dead
The Original Sins – Evil Hoodoo

Time Warp/Daylights Savings Hour
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Time Warp

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – Science Fiction, Double Feature
Sua Rakastan – Näet Janet (Dammit Janet) (Finnish)
Rasputina – Over at the Frankenstein Place
Transexual Glamour – Time Warp (Japanese)
The Jezebelles – Sweet Transvestite
Pansy Division – Can Make You A Man
Leikarar úr Leikfélagi MH – Laugardagskvöld (Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul) (Icelandic)
Rocky Horror Argentina -I Can Make You A Man (Reprise)(Spanish)
Rocky Horror Korea -Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me (Korean)
Gene Chiovari and the Completely Crazy – Eddie
Ukulele Munson and His Instructional Ukulele – Rose Tint My World
The Necro Tonz – I’m Going Home
Show De Terror De Rock Mexican – Super Hero (Spanish)
Munich School Chorus – Science Fiction/Double Feature: Reprise

Maury Laws & Jules Bass – The Mummy
The Upperclassmen – Cha Cha With The Zombies
Larry’s Rebel – Halloween
Pink Floyd – Lucifer Sam
The Lollipop Shoppe – You Must Be A Witch

Neanderthals – 2000 Pound Werewolf
The Diamonds – Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein Or Dracula
Bill Buchanan – Beware
Jim Burgett – Jekyll And Hyde
Artie Shaw – Nightmare
The 7th Court – One Eyed Witch
The Prophets – Night Of The Beast

Murray Schafe And The Aristocrats – Tombstone #9
Teddy Durant – The Night Stalker
The Hollywood Flames – Frankenstein’s Den
Paul Frees as Bela Lugosi – Games People Play
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Paul Chaplain – The Hearse
Glenda & Glen – Voodoo Doll
Garry Warren – Werewolf
The Frantics – Werewolf
The Cramps – I Was A Teenage Werewolf
Link Wray – Graveyard
Billy Ghoulston – Graveyard Stomp

Bily Snel -Queen Of Halloween
Gene “Bo” Davis – Satan’s Daughter
George Morgam – Tennessee Hillbilly
The J Ann Trio – Voo Doo Doll
Newports – I’m In The Ground For Good
Bobby Please – The Monster
Round Robin – I’m The Wolfman

Bracey Everett – Lover’s Curse
Betty Lavett – Witchcraft In The Air
The Gladiators – Bleak House
Zen Fuller – Doomsday
The Magics – Zombie Walk

Eddie Thomas – Frankenstein Rock
Miss L. L. Louise Lewis – Monster’s Bride
Denims – The Ghost In Your House Is Me
Social Outcasts – Mad


The Executioners – The Guillotine
Thee Outlets – Vampire Of Mine
Southern Culture On The Skids – The Loneliest Ghost In The World
Inflatable Boy Clams – Skeletons
Rhythm Rockers – Madness

Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors – Scream!
The Madmen – Haunted
The Detergents – Igor’s Cellar
Billy & The Dukes – Roland

Kenny & The Fiends – The Raven
The Circus – Burn With Burn
The Ebb-Tides – Seance
Richie Allen – Cave Man
Ted Cassidy – The Lurch

Don Bishop – Nightmare
Jessie Floyd – Satan’s Wife
The Quests – Shadows In The Night
Bob Regan – Tarantula
Vic Plati Quintet – The Chiller
Tony Casanova – The Grave

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Hear Voices
Lord Luther – I Was A Teenage Creature
The Devils – The Devil Dance
Frantic Flintstones – Date With The Devil

The Monstrosities – Dance Along With Dracula
Hamilton Streetcar – Invisible People
Mr. Baseman & The Symbols – Do The Zombie
Roky Erickson – I Walked With A Zombie
The Fleshtones – Haunted Hipster

The Kiriae Crucible – The Salem Witch Trial
The Rattles – The Witch
Pale Lips – I’m A Witch
The Sonics – The Witch
The Mystrys – Witch Girl

Screaming Tribesmen – Date With A Vampyre
The Stems – She’s A Monster
Hoodoo Gurus – Dig It Up
The Spellbinders – Castin’ My Spell

Ronnie Cook – Goo Goo Muck

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