Show 442: Let’s Try This Again

Listen Up digs deep into the crates and shelves of the music library this afternoon from 2-4pm

The Move – Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisted
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Eighteen Is Over The Hill
The Mothers Of Invention – Help, I’m A Rock

Fanny – Blind Alley
Tav Falco’s Pather Burns – Dateless Night
The Bran Flakes – Van Pop

Daevid Allen’s University Of Errors – Ocean In the Distance
CAN- Connection
Mdou Moctar – Chismiten

Maggie Bell – Yesterday’s Music
David Stoughton- The Sun Comes Up Each Day
Chris Ducey – That’s The Way The World Has Got To Be
Procol Harum – The Devil Comes From Kansas

Belfast Gypsies – People! Let’s Freak Out
Crappy Appleton – Go Back
Blue Ash – Wasting My Time
Shoes – Someone Finer
The Searchers – Another Night

Ron Davies – It Ain’t Easy
Roxy Music – If There Is Something
Superchunk – Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

Todd Rundgren – Elpee’s Worth A Tunes
10cc – The Worst Band In The World
Sparks – (No More) Mr. Nice Guys

XTC – Knights In Shining Karma
American Spring – Sweet Mountain
Mike McGear – The Man Who Found God On The Moon

King Crimson – The King Crimson Barber Shop

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