Show 443: I Didn’t Have Time To Name It

Norm Burns – Human Breakdown of Absurdity
Pierre Henry – Psyche Rock
The Book Of Changes -Suddenly I’m Desperatly In Love
Jane Weaver – Did You See Butterflies?

The Blades of Grass – I Love You Alice B. Tolkas!
The Monkees – Porpoise Song
Hawkwind – Mirror Of Illusion

The Hienz Funk Electronic Combo – Barcarolle
I Brute Force – Tapeworm of Love
Herbie Mann – Philly Dog
Colourbox – Hot Doggie
Negativland – Content
Stereolab – Doubt

Dr. Lonnie Smith (feat Iggy Pop) – Why Can’t We Live Together
Vagabound C.P.A. – Lil Stinker
The Royal Polka Kings – Buying A Car Ukrainian Style
Reade McCardell- Tell Me I’m Wrong
Spinanes – Jad Fair Drives Women Wild
Half Japanese – Stripping For Cash
Butterly Joe – What Did Her Autopsy Reveal?

Haruomi Hosano – Bara to yaju
Keith Mansfield – Funky Fanfare
Brother JT – Things I Like

Joy Divison – The Sound Of Music
SOAK – Immigrant Song
Velvet Monkeys – Shadow Box
Snaps – Polka Dotted Eyes

Beach Boys – All I Wanna Do
David Kilgour – Sun Of God
Wil Malone – It Don’t Come Easy

Hermanos Calatrava – Space Oddity

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