Show 497: Primitive II

Hoodoo Gurus – (Let’s All) Turn On
Bo Diddley – Rock ‘n” Roll
The Preachers – Who Do You Love
The Gories – Nitroglycerine
The Brats – If You Can’t Rock Me (You Can Roll)

The Montells – You Can’t Make Me
The Monks – Complication
Sur Royal Da Count and The Parliaments – Scream Mother Scream
The Missing Links – You’re Driving Me Insane

Electric Prunes – You’ve Never Had It Better
Radio Birdman – Burn My Eye ’78
New York Dolls – Subway Train
Third World War – A Little Bit OF Urban Rock
Hawkwind – Urban Guerilla

Allah-Las – Tell Me (What’s on Your Mind)
The Barbarians – Hey Little Bird
The Squires – Goin’ All The Way
The Vertebrats – Left In The Dark

Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps – Bluejean Bop
The Phantom – Love Me
Elvis Presley – Tiger Man
The Cramps – TV Set
T-Rex – Rip Off
Link Wray – The Black Widow
Triumphs – Surfside Date
The Trashmen – King Of Surf

Mott The Hoople – Moon Upstairs
Blue Ice – Power Play
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – The Hot City Symphony, Part 1: Vambo
Whistler’s Mother – Dark Dawn

The Outsiders – Summertime Blues
The Zachary Thaks – Bad Girl
The Trey Tones – Nonymous
The Novas – The Crusher
The Styrenes – Drano In Your Veins
Brian Eno – Needles In The Camel’s Eye

The Cave Men – It’s Trash

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