Show 521: Bubblegum and Junkshop Glam

The Electric Banana – Groovy Baby Bubble Gum Music
The Popcorn Rebellion – Sugar Lady
The Cordells – Annie Get Your Yo-Yo
THe Music Explosion – Hard Core Goovin’
NIcky Bulldog – Chewingum Rock

Daddy Maxfield – Rave ‘n” Rock
The Sweet – Little Willy
Angel – Good Time Fanny

The Tokens – Groovin’ On The Sunshine Seseme Street
Tricycle – Yumberry Park
The World of Oz – The Muffin Man
Jordon Park Review – Ginger Bread Man
Playful Pups – Palpatations

Ohio Express – Chewy Chewy
Nimbus – Lollypop
Jerry Blavat – Tasty To Me
The Four Fuller Brothers – Groupie
Zipper – Gettin’ It On
Shadows of Knight – My Fire Department Needs A Firemen
Pawnee Drive – Ride

Capt. Groovy and His Bubblegum Army – Capt. Groovy and His Bubblegum Army
Crazy Elephant – Gimme Some More
Bo Gentry & Ritchie Cordell – Stone Go-Getter
Ganip Ganop – Toot Toot Toot
Boys and Girls Together – Knock, Knock

Bubbles – Zap N’ Cat
Fire and Ice – Sugar Shaker
The Archies – Sunshine
Ramma Damma – Hot Dog
Flame – Big Wheels Turning

Octopus – Overloaded
Kookie – Sandwich
Eddie, Dennis & Mike – Hot Pants, They Come in Purple N’ Green
Wig Wam – Naughty Naughty
The Magid Triplets – Rated X

Streakers – Turn Me Down
Stud Leather – Cut Loose
Story – Teenage Fighter

Detroit Road Runner – Whole Lotta Lovin’

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