Show 524: A Listen Up! Situation

Das Damen – Makin’ Time
Husker Du – Celebrated Summer
George Brigman & Split – My Cherie
Haystacks Balboa – Spoiler

The Soft Boys – (I Want To Be An) AngelPoise Lamp
Flop – The Great Valediction
Cheap Trick – Baby Talk
Redd Kross – Duece

Dogmatics – My Little Sister’s Got A Motorbike
Nervous Eaters – Loretta
Lyres – Help You Ann
Classic Ruins – Geraldine I Need Money (more than I need you)

Billy Synth and Turn Ups – I’m So Sick Of It
Prowler – Temporary Insanity
The Sonics – He’s Waiting
The Scientists – Swampland

Rick Nelson – I’m Talking About You
The Scruffs – Break The Ice
J.D. Blackfoot – Epitaph For A Head
Gumball – Under My Wheels
Sonic Youth – It’s My Body
Alice Cooper – Second Coming

Thin Lizzy – Waiting For An Alibi
Sleaze – Showbiz Kid

The Saints – One Way Street
Lime Spiders – Out of Control
The Pandoras – You Don’t Satisfy

The Cramps – New Kind Of Kick
Decendents – Suburban Home
The Scenics – Do the Wait
THe Adverts – Bored Teenangers
The Replacements – Color Me Impressed

Screaming Sneakers – Violent Days

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