Show 525: wohS 525

Micheal Hurley – Hog of The Forsaken
Karl Blau – Natural Limit
Alexander “Skip” Spence – Little Hands
Fraser & Debolt – Gypsy Solitaire

Judy Henske and Jerry Yester – Farewell Alderbaran
The Smubbs – The Running Water

Spencer Cullum – Imminent Shadow
Tyrannosaurus Rex – THe Travelling Tragition
Devendra Banhart – It’s A Sight To Behold

Stella Kola – Epiphany
OCS – The Remote Viewer
Bong Wish – Saturn Spells
James Matthew VII – Stoned When I Pray
The Pilgrim – Mexico ’84

Meg Baird – All I Ever Wanted
Gene Clark – Silver Raven
Trembling Stars & Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Lay It Down

Mirel Wagner – No Death
HIss Golden Messenger – Jesus Shot Me In The Head
Silver Jews – Time Will Break The World
Tom Rapp – The Swimmer (for Kurt Cobain)

Jeffery Lewis – I Saw A Hippie Girl on 8th Ave
Joe Jack Talcum – Not To Fit In
Brother JT – YEEHAW
Jad Fair and Samual Locke Ward – Donuts

Chevel Sombre – Troubled Mind
Cul De Sac – The Portland Cement Factory At Monolith, California
Trummors – Spanish Peaks

Grateful Dead – Mountains Of The Moon

Also available as a podcast here

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